You know the drill…

– Everything you see at Making It Up has been photographed or written by me, unless explicitly expressed otherwise. Please email or tweet me asking for permission before using an article or an image you see on my blog – for a full list of my contact information, click ‘Contact’ at the top of the page.


– The majority of the products I review and talk about at Making It Up have been purchased by me with my (hard-earned) money; however occasionally brands or PR teams will send me samples to review. This will never impact my opinion of a product and I will clearly state (with the * symbol) that something has been sent for consideration. If I am sponsored to write a post, this will be denoted in the title of that post.


– Links to products within blog content as of 30/06/2015 are provided via Skimlinks. I earn a small commission on products purchased through my affiliate link.


– If you are a brand or a PR rep and would like to get in touch about sending products for consideration, please contact me. As my blog focuses predominantly on beauty, makeup and skincare, I will only accept samples and gifts from these categories. Please note that skincare trials take between 10 days and two weeks.


– Please note that I do not accept pre-written copy in any posts, sponsored or otherwise.


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