Two New Makeup Loves and a Ramble

makeup loves

21 March, 2017 Two New Makeup Loves and a Ramble

Howdy.. if you’ve forgotten about me by now, then let me give you a quick refresh: I’m Jess, author of this pretty lil’ site, and in recent months I’ve become seriously lax with my blog schedule. When I started my blog back in 2014 I’d just graduated, had moved back in with the rents, and had no clue what I wanted from life (#sobstoryalert).

makeup loves

It felt like all I knew (apart from dozens of sonnets off by heart and ALL the feminist literature) was makeup, makeup and more makeup. Friends came to me for advice, I put together little gift boxes for family members that they loved, and it was my zone that I just knew and adored being involved in.

Fast forward nearly three years and things have definitely changed; I’m a full-time copywriter, I’m getting married in February next year (AND WILL LIVE WITH A BOY OMG), and the whole world of blogging itself is a very strange beast indeed. 2014 was the year blogging started to lose its authentic feel – it was the year my parents started asking me who that Zoe-Ella girl was, and when everyone started buying proper cameras instead of just using their old point-and-shoots from Uni clubbing days.

Just a note in case you didn’t know, I have only ever used my iPhone for blog photos, I know my pictures are a bit crap, I’m not bothered.

The reason I started my blog was to inform, entertain and express my passion, but now I feel like that’s not really what blogging is about anymore. For me, it will always be the place I can unashamedly share my love for beauty products, but there’s just so much out there now, my passion for it has waned a little.

In an effort to reclaim my love of old-school blogging (check out this gem if you’d like a refresh of an OG post – it doesn’t even have a proper image), I’m going to start focusing more on the products I can’t stop using, round-ups of my favourites, and maybe some more personal content too. This is my little project to help re-learn ‘the art of blogging authentically’. I hope you like it!

So, onto makeup (and if you read through all that, thanks, well done). I’m trying to save my pennies and have discovered two rather insane products that A) pair beautifully together, and B) cost under £13 combined. I’ve always found it hard to find the perfect primer to go with my foundation, but if I do say so myself, I’ve smashed it here.

The Ordinary’s High Adherence Silicone Primer (£3.90)

The creamy, malleable primer is so gosh darn cheap, yet SO good at smoothing out my complexion, filling in enlarged pores and textured areas, and generally keeping my skin looking uniform.

It doesn’t pill up in my fingers and it definitely doesn’t feel greasy, a rare feat for a silicone-based product. As with most products I’ve tried from The Ordinary, I’m so impressed – and it pairs beautifully with…

L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation (£8.99)

I bought into the Facebook ads (I’m an advertiser’s dream consumer) and picked up this new launch about 10 days ago. I’m in heaven. With a creamy and cool consistency akin to Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse (RIP my Year 9 tide marks), this foundation glides onto skin, making pores, blemishes and discolouration disappear in seconds.

The formula blends SO well with both buffing brushes and denser domed foundation brushes, and I didn’t have to layer at all – one coat and my skin was completely covered, without looking caky. Shades are OK – there’s normally a huge amount of warmer shades versus cooler or neutral tones – but from what I’ve seen online, there should be enough options to suit most complexions.

Have you tried either of these two glorious products? I’d also love to know if you’ve fallen out of love with blogging – no judgements here! Get sharing below.

Happy Tuesday,