2 Essential Essences in my Skincare Collection

21 February, 2017 2 Essential Essences in my Skincare Collection

I really love skincare. Can’t get enough of the stuff. Since late last year, I’ve added two essences into my regular rotation, as I love the way they add extra moisture to my skin before serums and moisturisers, and the lightweight textures are perfect for my oily yet dehydrated complexion.


In short, essences are kind of like the ‘sandwich’ step between toners and serums, with a soft, slightly thicker version than a facial spray – but not as solid as a gel or oil serum. They deliver a hefty dose of a key ingredient, like hyaluronic acid, without the added filler ingredients you’d typically find in moisturisers, masks or creams. If you love the idea of a Korean-inspired skincare regime (see mine here), then essences are a great way to start.

Essences fit into your routine as follows:

  1. Remove makeup
  2. Second cleanse
  3. Exfoliate or refresh with your chosen toner
  4. Essence
  5. Eye cream
  6. Serum
  7. Oil
  8. Moisturiser

I always pat or press on my essence (never rub), and they should absorb instantly, or at least fairly quickly. For extra hydration, or if you want skin to feel super comfy and calm before going in with heavier products, there really is nothing better.

Best for mature/dehydrated skin: Merumaya Treatment Toner* (£15.50)

This silky, super light lotion was the first essence I ever tried, and find it to be the most comforting when my skin feels stripped or dehydrated. It’s packed with skin-loving ingredients, including brown algae to soften, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, natural betaine to balance and Ascorbyl Glucoside to release a slow and stable supply of vitamin C to your complexion. It’s also fabulous applied after a face mask to help reduce any redness or sensitivity. Also, fab price for such a luxurious product!

Best for oily/combination skin: May Coop Raw Sauce ($43)

If you love a moisturising gel or serum, this essence will slot perfectly into your routine. The fiancé bought this for me over Christmas and I’ve been using it constantly both morning and evening. I think the light texture is going to work a treat on hormonal, acne-prone skins, and the high concentration of maple tree sap helps to prep your skin for further product application and create a plump and moisturised canvas for makeup too. This giant bottle will probably last me all year, and I’m definitely picking up an extra one if I visit the States anytime soon!

Which essences do you love to use? Have you tried either of these two? Share your comments and questions below!