Top Six: Heavy Duty Makeup Removers

Top Six Heavy Duty Makeup Removers

16 January, 2017 Top Six: Heavy Duty Makeup Removers

Hello you lovely lot! I’ve been pretty quiet on my blog, and my social media handles have all been quiet too, and that’s because on New Years Eve I got engaged! I had planned to write loads of content over Christmas and New Year, but life got in the way, and then my wonderful boyfriend (or should I say fiancée, gah!) proposed – and blogging went straight to the back of the list. It’s a really lovely time and I’m trying to take in and enjoy every moment, so I hope you can bear with me if things are a little slow off the ground in 2017.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I LOVE staying organised, so I’m hoping to write some wedding-related content over the next 12 months on how I’m planning the big day, but you’ll also probably know that I don’t share too much info about myself here. This is all a learning curve!

Top Six Heavy Duty Makeup Removers

Anyway, onto why you’re probably here – makeup removers. I am always telling my friends to get rid of their makeup properly after a long day, and I’ll tell you the exact same thing. When you’ve been out all night and are caked in foundation, liquid lipstick and waterproof eyeliner, the last thing you should be doing is smearing a makeup wipe over your face and crawling into bed.

Here are my top six heavy duty makeup removers, for getting all of that good stuff off your face.

Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil ($32)

This silky oil is a lovely treat after a long day, and is powerful enough to remove all my makeup in one application. I usually massage this into my skin until I’ve loosened as much product as possible, then rinse in the shower. It can be used in the morning too as it emulsifies and turns into a creamy milk, and it’s packed with gorgeous ingredients like rosehip oil, avocado, jojoba seed and amino acids.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm (£34.20)

A luxurious balm would be one of my desert island essentials, and this gorgeous pot is probably my favourite. Not only does it remove makeup like a dream, but it’s  fabulous as part of a facial massage, and can also be applied and left on the skin for 10 minutes if you need a boost of moisture. It’s so rich and thick without feeling gloopy, and it breaks down to the perfect oily consistency when I apply it. If you’re craving a pamper in the evening while also removing your makeup, I’d strongly recommend this – also, you can use it to double cleanse too, which is always a bonus.

NIOD Low-Viscosity Cleansing Ester (£26.50)

A word of warning: this stuff REEKS. It’s the most effective makeup remover I’ve ever tried, but it’s really, really pungent. NIOD describe this as a cleaning ester and not a cleanser, and it’s designed to be solely used as a makeup remover – I wouldn’t recommend using this if you just want to cleanse and give your skin a refresh. It’s formulated with avocado ester and zero detergents, water or anything that could be stripping on your skin, meaning it’s fairly hydrating and comforting, and it lifts away liquid lipstick, liner and heavy foundation like a dream. This is an essential product for me when I’m swatching or removing heavy makeup in a rush, although it does leave an extremely oily residue. Is it enjoyable to use? God no. Does it do it’s job well? Absolutely.

Boots Botanics All Bright Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution (£2.50)

I’ve tried a lot of micellar waters, and the cheapest one I’ve found on my travels is this affordable option from Boots Botanics. It’s very gentle, and removes most makeup in just a few swipes. The reason I’m recommending this is that it’s almost always on offer, and cheaper than a pack of face wipes!

Dermalogica Precleanse Cleansing Oil* (£34.35)

You’ll know how much I love Dermalogica skincare from this blog post, and this cleansing oil in particular totally blew me away. It has a glorious floral scent, removes makeup quickly, and makes my skin feel cleansed and fresh. This is probably best suited to dry skin types as you could use this as a second cleanse too, although most skin types could happily use this and reap the benefits.

Frezyderm De-Makeup 4-in-1 Makeup Remover Milk* (£10.99)

Last up is this new discovery from Frezyderm, a Greek brand about to launch in the UK. This cleansing milk can be used to remove makeup and give your skin a daily cleanse, and so far I’m really enjoying the formula and how quick and easy it is to remove the bulk of my makeup. I love the gel-milk texture and will definitely be taking this with me on trips when I need to cleanse, remove makeup and balance my skin, all in one quick step.

Which heavy duty makeup removers would you recommend? Have you tried any of my picks? Comment below!