ColourPop Haul and Rediscovering Old Favourites

ColourPop Haul

07 December, 2016 ColourPop Haul and Rediscovering Old Favourites

Today I’m sharing with you a rather hefty ColourPop haul, as about one month ago I succumbed to madness and decided I needed even more highlighters and lipsticks. I first mentioned ColourPop in a blog post over a year ago, and have since loved using their Lippie Stix and mousse-powder Highlighters. The company has exploded on social media in the last 12 months, with some gorgeous collaborations and launches, so I’m very excited to share my new purchases with you, and revisit some of the best picks from my ColourPop haul last year.

ColourPop Haul
ColourPop Haul


From left to right: Between The Sheets, Nillionaire, Wisp, Butterfly Beach, Might Be, Overboard, Mr. Bing

From left to right: (top row) Dopey, Alyssa, Clueless, Pillow Talk, (bottom row) Lumiere and Cami

Might Be and Butterfly Beach Highlighters ($8 each)

These gorgeous shades both feature the classic mousse-powder Highlighter texture. While Might Be is a metallic, highly pigmented rose gold, Butterfly Beach is more of a soft, pretty peach with hints of gold and siler duochrome. Both colours (in my opinion) would suit any skin type as they’re fairly warm in tone, and can be applied either with a stippling brush or with fingers.

Between The Sheets Blush ($8)

The one blusher I chose was Between The Sheets, a neutral, super-flattering mauve-nude, which can pull a little more pink in some lighting. It’s totally matte, making it great for everyday wear, and you can build this up without worrying about it looking too bright or unnatural.

Nillionaire Eyeshadow ($5)

This gorgeous colour has rose gold glitter particles running through it, on a base of cool-tone brown with hints of pewter, mauve, grey and dark brown – it’s so multi-dimensional and really pretty applied heavily on the lid with a matte mid-tone brown in the crease. I find it can look a little patchy without primer, and would definitely recommend wetting your brush with some facial spray or a tiny bit of water for added shine.

Overboard and Mr. Bing Creme Gel Pencils ($5 each)

I am a loyal black liquid liner fan, and rarely opt for different shades – but I was feeling adventurous, and at $5 a pop I didn’t it was that big of a gamble. Mr Bing is a rich, very warm brown with a matte finish, and Overboard is a copper-brown with hints of bronze and gold shimmer. Both are beautiful colours that have lovely formulas, helping to create a really precise look – so I can still rock a cat eye, just with something a little different to my usual  black.

Dopey and Alyssa Ultra Satin Lips ($6 each)

These Ultra Satin Lips are SO GOOD! These two are ridiculously similar in tone, with Dopey being a tad warmer, and Alyssa pulling more mauve as opposed to deep rose. The formula is creamy yet it has enough hold in it to stay on my lips for about 4 hours (pretty good in my opinion), and I really like the control you get from the applicator.

Cami and Pillow Talk Matte X Lippie Stix ($5 each)

These two are a little meh. Cami looked like my dream mauve shade – almost like a Lippie Stix version of MAC’s Brave and very similar to Kathleen Lights’ Lumiere – but on me it’s a bit more hot pink. I can get away with it and I think it’s pretty, but nothing special. Pillow Talk looked stunning in swatches I saw online – almost like a muted chocolate with hints of mauve – but this is just mud. Pure mud.


Wisp HighlighterLumiere Matte Lippie Stick and Clueless Ultra Matte Lip

After my huge ColourPop haul was ordered, I decided to have a dig around to see what else I could use in the meantime. Wisp has been in my highlighter/eyeshadow rotation for a while and is a gorgeous champagne-cream highlight, Lumiere is that quintessential mauve/dusky pink with a little violet thrown in there, while Clueless is the liquid lip version of MAC Mehr – utter perfection. You can probably tell which lipstick shades I prefer…

Which ColourPop goodies have you picked up recently? Get sharing in the comments!