Dermalogica Brand Focus: 6 Skincare Bits I Can’t Get Enough Of

Dermalogica Brand Focus

23 November, 2016 Dermalogica Brand Focus: 6 Skincare Bits I Can’t Get Enough Of

Allo allo. Last week the blog was a little quiet as general work and life took over and I needed a bit of time to unwind in the evenings (even though I’ve just come back from a long weekend away), but I’m back now, and I’m so pumped for this post. As you know, I love skincare, and when it comes to big skincare brands that deliver, Dermalogica is right at the top.

I’ve always been aware of the brand – my mum has been using the Special Cleansing Gel and Daily Microfoliant for as long as I can remember – but it’s not the sort of range I imagined to be particularly pampering, or one that places special emphasis on gorgeous scents and formulations. After testing out a selection of products from Dermalogica, I basically couldn’t be more wrong.

Dermalogica Brand Focus Dermalogica

I’ve been trying out six great products from Dermalogica for about six weeks now, and when I chose them, I aimed for ones that I could either easily slot into my current skincare routine, or add in a few times a week – I didn’t want to go for products I would only be able to use sporadically when my skin was in need of it, as my aim for this post is to introduce you to products that can fit in really well with what you’re currently using.

The first products I tried were the Precleanse Deep-Cleansing Oil*, and the Special Cleansing Gel*.

The Precleanse is a rich, silky oil designed to remove makeup and impurities, while the Special Cleansing Gel is a foaming (but soap-free) gel-wash that suds up like no other. I have used both of these products at least 10 times each, and am so pleased with them.

Precleanse helps to dislodge heavy, thick makeup (including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, liquid lipstick and full-coverage foundation), and emulsifies upon contact with water, and there’s no greasy residue either. The scent is very herbal and aromatic, with an extensive ingredients list featuring borage seed, and apricot, kukui and vitamin E oils.

I can imagine this being a godsend for dry skin as it’s a lot more nourishing than some cleansing oils I’ve tried, and the whole experience is pretty pampering for a makeup remover!

Special Cleansing Gel is the perfect second cleanse or morning cleanse. It’s light, it lathers up to the high heavens and it feels very gentle and cooling on my skin. Developed to suit all skin types, it features lavender and balm mint extracts to keep skin calm – so you won’t get that tight, dry feeling you might have experienced with soap-based cleansers. It also removes makeup pretty well, if you’re after a one-step cleansing solution – my mum only uses this to remove makeup and she loves it.

Next up, the Charcoal Rescue Masque*.

This launched earlier in the year, and although I don’t always reach for charcoal masks to help with blemishes and imperfections, I make an expection for this fab treatment. It has tiny granules which add a little physical exfoliation to the mix, and the rich and cooling formula smoothes onto my skin with ease. It takes about 7-10 minutes to dry completely, and is fairly easy to take off – with a little help from a flannel and hand-hot water.

What I think is special about this mask is that along with the charcoal, which works to absorb impurities and remove sebum and pollutants, it has AHAs, which get a little deeper to improve the quality and tone of my skin, and make it look and feel a lot brighter and smoother. Whether I apply this all over, on a targeted area or mixed with the Special Cleansing Gel (fab if you have hormonal breakouts but you’re also quite sensitive), this mask does the job and it does it WELL.

Up next are three targeted treatments: the Age Reversal Eye Complex*, Phyto Replenish Oil* and Oil Control Lotion*.

The Age Reversal Eye Complex is a silky, almost balm-like gel that is packed with retinol to help reduce signs of ageing – crepey skin, fine lines, dehydration and other joys that come with getting older. I am 24 and don’t experience these issues yet, but whenever I use this in the evening, the next morning my skin looks a lot more plump and moisturised.

I love the formula of this and have passed it to my mum, as I think it’s excellent if you’re 40+ (or younger and want to get ahead on the ageing process quickly).

The product I’m most excited to talk about is the Phyto Replenish Oil*, as it’s the product that made me completely reshape the way I think about Dermalogica as a brand. This dewy oil is a multi-purpose marvel: you can use it under makeup as a glow-boosting primer, as a moisturiser, intensive overnight mask, or even on cuticles and dry patches (although do it sparingly, as this stuff is pricy!).

I have oily-dehydrated skin so this doesn’t work for me as a pre-makeup moisture fix, but after applying a clay mask, exfoliating or a really hot shower (which usually dries my skin out quite a bit), this is a lovely treat to keep my skin feeling soft, supple and nourished.

It’s packed with gorgeous plant oils, including camellia and tamanu oils, orchid flower, chia seed extract and rosemary – all giving this oil a beautiful scent that makes me feel so much calmer post-application. I’ve read lots of reviews online and people see this as a bit of a miracle worker, especially if you have dry skin and are starting to notice lines and wrinkles.

Last up is the Oil Control Lotion, which is currently my go-to under-makeup moisturiser for nights out. Offering both hydrating and mattifying benefits, this light fluid claims to control oil production throughout the day while also lightly moisturising to keep skin balanced.

For me, this is fab when I’m going all out with my makeup and need something sturdy and dependable for primer, foundation and concealer to grip on to – for lighter coverage products, this can be a little too drying. I can happily dab this onto my t-zone if I’m having a particularly oily day. If you have oily skin and are prone to shine throughout the day (or evening), I’d encourage you to give this a go – you only need a tiny bit!

Which skincare treats have you tried from Dermalogica? Will you be adding any of my favourites to your wishlist? Share your recommendations, questions and comments below!




*These Dermalogica products were kindly sent to me by the awesome Freedom PR team. I was not remunerated for this content, and as always, all thoughts are my own.