Algenist Skincare: 5 Products To Know

Algenist Skincare: 5 Products To Know

15 September, 2016 Algenist Skincare: 5 Products To Know

Algenist is a brand I’ve always been aware of, but never properly tested out. A few months back I tried the Splash Sleeping Pack, arguably one of the best intensive moisturisers I’ve ever tried. Packed with plant-based ingredients and a super luxe formula, it’s a gorgeous night-time treatment for post-holiday fatigue or if you need to impart some serious hydration into your complexion.

Today, I’ve got an edit of five products from Algenist that I want to share with you, including an eye treatment, colour-correcting powder, and a decadent balm-to-milk cleanser. As Algenist is primarily an anti-ageing brand, prices are fairly steep, although I will say that the prices reflect the quality of ingredients and the technology behind all of the products.

Algenist Skincare: 5 Products To Know

If you have any Algenist recommendations, get sharing below!

Reveal Colour Correcting Finishing Powder (£32)

This finely-milled powder is packed with turquoise, salmon, white and yellow pigments, and offers a creamy formula that looks natural on the skin and imparts a subtle sheen that never looks caky or shimmery. It’s perfect for blotting away excess oil or counter-acting redness, sallowness and dark spots, and the sleek compact makes it a pleasure to whip out if I need to touch up my makeup. I’ve been using this on and off for about two months now and love the effect it gives, especially on no-makeup days. Over bare skin, it offers a light veil of coverage that brightens my complexion, and the subtle glow is almost undetectable.

Elevate Firming & Lifting Contouring Eye Cream (£44.95)

Next, an eye treatment with a difference. This moussey-yet-lightweight cream is designed to immediately firm the eye area, while also providing a slightly opalescent hint of shimmer that brightens and adds radiance. I’ll just put it out there and say that this product isn’t targeted at my skin – I’m in my mid-20s and my eyes are fairly puff-free day-to-day. However, under-eye bags and the surrounding skin looked brighter few minutes, but as luckily things are all fairly perky in that area, the cream doesn’t have to work too hard.

What I do like for my skin, is the shimmer element. While I largely hate any form of glitter in skincare, the effect is similar to that of strobing – a light halo of light, rather than noticeable chunks of shimmer. If you have more mature skin or know someone who wants to tackle signs of ageing around their eyes, I’d absolutely recommend this for them.

Elevate Firming & Lifting Contouring Serum (£86)

The companion serum to the above eye cream offers a similar effect – a more sculpted and tighter skin look. The shimmer is a little more noticeable here, but there’s also a wonderfully refreshing gel texture that absorbs instantly. It’s lovely under makeup and doesn’t make my oily skin look greasy – I’ve used it on big nights out under primer, and didn’t use half as much highlighter as I normally do. My Grandma has tried this and really enjoyed it, and she’s super fussy about serum and moisturiser. She also said to mix it with primer as the sheen comes through a little more – fab tip Grandma!

It’s incredibly pricey, but for women with ageing skin that can afford to spend their pennies on high-quality skincare, I think this would be a wonderful investment.

Genius Ultimate Anti-Ageing Melting Cleanser (£32)

A no-fuss balm-to-milk cleanser, this little beauty is fantastic for travel. I brought it away with me on my two-week trip to Israel and it easily removed all heavy makeup, without stripping my skin or breaking me out. The balm texture is rich enough to use as part of a facial massage, and when it emulsifies, it takes with it all of my eye makeup, including waterproof liner, mascara and even liquid lipstick – combined with a fair bit of scrubbing, of course. It has a light, slightly vanilla-esque scent and works well as a morning cleanser in a pinch.

Splash Absolute Hydration Replenishing Sleeping Pack (£44, review here)

I’ve reviewed this Algenist sleeping mask before (click the link above to read my thoughts), but I thought I’d quickly say how much I’ve been enjoying it since coming back from two weeks in the scorching sun. My skin is a lot drier than normal, and a few nights using this has really helped to give my skin a more hydrated and smooth look.

I’ve had some pretty big lines on my forehead and a few fainter ones by my eyes, and whacking on a thick layer of this two-three nights a week delivers an intense boost of moisture while I sleep, making me look a lot perkier and radiant in the morning. It’s also lovely to use after a big night-out, as gin cocktails always knock the life out of my skin!

What have you tried from Algenist? Do you use any of the products mentioned above? Get sharing in the comments below, and as always, send over your questions, blog content requests and general queries!

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  • Anne Brooke
    Posted at 15:26h, 15 September Reply

    That powder sounds really great – I’m desperate for something that controls my shine without caking – will look out for this, thank you!

  • Dagmara Klich
    Posted at 10:20h, 15 September Reply

    I’ve only ever tried an eye cream from Algenist and a few samples of different products which I enjoyed and I am quite intrigued by the brand’s offerings. I keep looking at the products every time I window shop online but haven’t decided on what I want to try next. So your recommendations are very much welcomed 🙂 The powder sounds very nice, it actually caught my attention a while back. x

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