Travel Beauty Essentials: Skincare & Makeup

Travel Beauty Essentials

17 August, 2016 Travel Beauty Essentials: Skincare & Makeup

Greetings from the boiling heat of Israel – I’m here on holiday for my best friend’s wedding, and I thought it might be useful to share some of the travel beauty essentials I take with me on the plane, and also use throughout my holiday. It’s a mixed bag, with hand care, skincare and makeup all mingling around – although I can say that everything here is a verified, tried-and-true favourite.

Travel Beauty Essentials

An instant refresh perfume

For making myself feel human on the plane, I can’t live without a gorgeous perfume rollerball. For summer, I love the Nest Indigo scent. It’s fruity, floral and grown-up without smelling heavy or powdery, and considering it’s a rollerball it lasts for ages. It’s also the perfect size for my hand luggage, and handy for chucking into my clutch on a night out. If you’re ever at a Sephora, pick up a few of them – they’re around the $25 mark, and always save the day – especially when I want to bring a few different fragrances away with me.

A do-it-all beauty oil

I’m a huge fan of skincare oils, but whenever I fly, I like to have a portable oil to hand. They can be used for so many things – for cuticles, static hair, applying to my face if I need extra hydration, or simply mixing with a moisturiser. This Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil sample smells divine (neroli, lavender, rose and mandarin) and feels so luxurious and lightweight. It’s also fantastic for using during my trip, as the heat always strips my skin and leaves it feeling super dry.

A no-fuss hand cream

I’ve tried many a hand cream in my two years of blogging, but in my opinion, nothing beats Crabtree & Evelyn. When I recently restocked my La Source hand cream, they gave me a teeny sample of the Gardeners Hand Therapy. It’s so nourishing without feeling sticky, and the scent is lovely too – a blend of clove, lavender, sage, rosemary and thyme. I’m here for two weeks and it’s taking all my will power not to use more, but I need to save it for as long as possible! Couldn’t recommend this brand of hand lotion enough.

A signature lip colour

You all know of my love for mauve-brown-deep pink lip colours, and I’m constantly going back to MAC’s Faux – it really is the perfect shade when I just don’t know what to use. It’s full-pigment, hydrating, and it doesn’t smear or bleed – meaning I can throw it on and not have to worry about it or reapply. Plus, it looks good when I’m pale as well as when I’m tanned, so I can use this throughout the holiday and get as much use out of it as possible.

A luxurious hand soap

This one is such a princess product, but I can think of so many holidays I’ve been on when there was either no soap by the sink, or a a crappy bar of soap which basically gave me eczema in one wash. I picked up this travel-size Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Hand Wash at an event at work and I genuinely think that it’s the best holiday-related purchase I’ve made! It’s silky, moisturising, and smells lovely. I always take this with me on the plane and if I’m somewhere gross and grubby, a few pumps of this makes me feel a bit more clean and ordered. It’s the little things.

An all-seasons blusher

My flight was super-early last week and I needed a quick blush fix that would make me look healthy and put together – so I instantly reached for Benefit’s Dallas. It’s a mauve-brown shade that also creates a subtle bronzed effect, and it’s amazing with a tan too. I’m now taking this on holiday with me every time, as it makes me look so much healthier!

So there are my travel beauty essentials – six products that make me feel like me when I get on the plane or take a big trip.

Share your travel beauty essentials below, and don’t forget to tell me if you’ve tried any of the above!

Have a great rest of your week!