Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

15 July, 2016 Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

After a lot of dithering and Youtube watching, I finally decided to splurge on the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette. With 14 shades (including shimmer, satin and matte finishes), it’s a warm-tone eyeshadow lover’s dream: a smorgasbord of rich berries, smoky browns, and high-intensity creamy champagnes. Reviews have been positive across the board, and it seems like one of those products that will quickly garner cult status.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

So, onto the shades themselves: although Anastasia Beverley Hills label them as either ‘metallic’ (10), ‘satin’ (1) or ‘ultra-matte’ (3), I see them more as an even mix of shimmers, satins and mattes. There is a clear distinction between the formulas in terms of texture, payoff and pigment, and this can help you decide how you apply the shades.

Mattes are great for base, crease and transition work, satins add definition and drama, and shimmers are perfect for providing a bold focal point at the centre of the lid, or in the inner corners.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette First Row Swatches

On the top row, you’ll find:

Tempera – pure cream (labelled ultra-matte, feels like a satin)

Golden Ochre – pale camel (labelled ultra-matte, feels like a satin)

Vermeer – cool-tone, icy champagne (labelled metallic, feels like a shimmer)

Buon Fresco – grey lavender (labelled ultra-matte, feels like a matte) – possibly my new fave eyeshadow discovery of the year, I cannot stop wearing this in my crease!

Antique Bronze – copper-tone brown (labelled satin, feels like a satin)

Love Letter – pure raspberry (labelled ultra-matte, feels like a matte)

Cyprus Umber – deep, cool-tone brown (labelled ultra-matte, feels like a matte)

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette Second Row Swatches

And on the bottom:

Raw Sienna: neutral amber (labelled ultra-matte, feels like a matte)

Burnt Orange: rich, deep orange (labelled ultra-matte, feels like a matte)

Primavera: vibrant gold-cream (labelled metallic, feels like a shimmer)

Red Ochre – russet brown (labelled ultra-matte, feels like a matte)

Venetian Red – pure crimson (labelled ultra-matte, feels like a satin)

Warm Taupe – ash brown (labelled ultra-matte, feels like a matte)

Realgar – bold orange-brown (labelled ultra-matte, feels like a matte) – a stunning shade that will suit just about any skin tone


The formula of all of the eyeshadows in the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette is creamy, blendable and easy to work with. The shadows do need to be tapped off before blending, and once on the lid, are incredibly forgiving – so if you’ve gone in with too-heavy a hand, a few swirls of a clean blending brush will help rectify the mistake.

Shade Range

What really drew me to this palette is that it offers bold pops of colour that actually compliment a neutral eye look, as opposed to adding a streak of blue, green or pink that can never seem neutral or mildly work-appropriate. By providing a few hints of drama in Love Letter, Realgar and Venetian Red (among others), the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette never verges on OTT territory.

I think that this is one of the most well thought-out palettes I’ve ever tried, and that it encourages creativity while acknowledging a beauty lover’s need for the basics, such as a good eyeshadow base, a few highlighter shades, and a fantastic selection of crease and transition colours.

It’s the sort of palette you can take on holiday with you, and you know you’ll never get bored – there are just so many looks you can create. If you’re paler, you could go for a simple smoky eye with Warm Taupe in the crease, a hint of Antique Bronze in the outer corners, and a pop of Primavera on the centre of the lid, brow bone and inner corner. If you’re deeper, choose Realgar all over the lid, followed by Red Ochre in the outer corners and a touch of Cyprus Umber for your liner. The well-thought selection of shades mean you’re never short on colour combinations.

Final Thoughts

If I were the type of person to only ever own one eyeshadow palette, I think I’d probably go for this one – it’s got a gorgeous selection of neutrals and more warm-toned colours, it has fantastic highlight options, and the beautiful Buon Fresco is unlike anything I have in my collection. To put it simply, I’m smitten.

You can purchase the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette from Beauty Bay for  £41. It’s also stocked at Cult Beauty, although I don’t know anyone who’d pay for shipping when you can get free 2-day delivery from BB!

Have you tried the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette? If so, are you as obsessed as I am? Share your comments and thoughts below!

Have a lovely weekend!