Holiday Beauty Packing: 5 Space-Saving Tips

Holiday Beauty Packing Tips

24 June, 2016 Holiday Beauty Packing: 5 Space-Saving Tips

Although the weather in London is super crappy right now, summer is officially here, and that means one thing – HOLIDAY! I’m jetting off to the Grecian paradise that is Mykonos on the 28th, and to help calm my anxiety about forgetting my beauty bits (like I did in Costa Rica last year), I’ve compiled five quick tips to streamline your beauty stash, ensure you bring everything you need, and also look fly as f*ck during your exotic adventure. Sorry for the swearing, but I’m feeling super sassy this evening.

Holiday Beauty Packing Tips

1) No more than two products per category!

Yup, that’s right. No more seven eyeshadows, four blushers or six nude lippies. Bring maximum two of each product type – and even then, consider if you could just take the one. Choose a neutral-mauve blush, two lipstick options and maybe a liner, your favourite mascaras (one waterproof obvs), bases that work well in the heat and incorporate SPF, and maybe a small eyeshadow palette for different looks. Think about what you’ll realistically use, and go from there. I have a weird habit of bringing 3-4 primers away with me on every trip, but I’ve promised myself that I’ll only bring the one. Progress guys.

2) Haven’t worn it in three weeks? See ya!

I’ve been housing my day-to-day makeup in a standard makeup bag in preparation for this trip, so I can see what I’m actually using for work and on the weekends. Sure, there will be a high factor SPF you’ll wear on the beach, and your favourite coral lippie or bronze eyeshadow that looks amazing with a tan – but for the most part, opt for products you typically wear, and feel comfortable in. There’s nothing worse than turning up to your hotel armed with five neon liquid lipsticks and no eyebrow pencil…

3) Choose products that work with and without a tan.

This does seem slightly contradictory to the above, but choosing a product that can be worn when you’re pale and tanned can help you streamline your holiday beauty stash massively. Go for a bronzer that enhances a sun-kissed glow and also deepens your natural porcelain hue (Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is amazing), and make sure you take a moisturiser that cools your skin post-sun and sufficiently hydrates before applying makeup.

When it comes to foundation, I usually take two. One will be a heavier coverage for my pale skin when I need the extra confidence. Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation is lightweight, super matte and generally amazing. My sheerer, warmer base for my last few days on my trip, is Urban Decay’s Naked Skin One & Done. It also has SPF, so can be worn on day trips etc. With two options for two looks and tan levels, you’ve got all bases covered.

4) Save samples for your holiday!

This especially applies to skincare, but I will stress in general – save those freebies! Whether it’s that tiny hydrating mask that will work perfectly for some in-flight pampering, or your favourite micellar water in miniature – they’re all massive space-savers and will help you out lots on your travels. I always miss my skincare stash at home when I’m on holiday, so having a selection of sachets and tubes helps me to indulge without going over my baggage allowance. I typically bring:

  • A mini facial spray as a toner
  • 1-2 face masks or sheet masks (usually ones with aloe, cucumber or vitamin C)
  • A travel-size tube of Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre (great as an eye cream in a pinch)
  • 2 exfoliant sample sachets if my skin is getting dry and uneven
  • A lovely shower gel or oil
  • A nourishing hair mask for half-way through the trip

Start saving your samples now and you’ll have a travel skincare set in no time!

5) Double duty all the way

This one is so obvious and boring, and I know everyone says it – but it’s repeated for good reason. Find products with multiple uses! Whether it’s an eyeshadow that doubles as a highlight (Stila Kitten = holiday heaven), a facial oil that makes limbs look extra glossy, or a lipstick and blusher two-in-one, you’re going to be saved so much extra room when it comes to packing.

So there you have it – my packing tips for a streamlined, curated beauty edit for your next holiday.

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Make sure you check out my Instagram over the next few days for snaps of my trip, and let me know the products you love to take on holiday with you, and how you pack your beauty bits!

Au revoir!


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