Sorbet Salons: The Perfect Pampering Escape

Sorbet Salons

17 June, 2016 Sorbet Salons: The Perfect Pampering Escape

A few months ago, the fabulous team at The Spa PR Company got in touch, and asked me if I fancied testing out some treatments at a brand new spa based in London. Obvs I said yes, and off I trotted to the Muswell Hill branch of Sorbet Salons. Sorbet is a pretty well-known chain of spas and treatment centres in South Africa, and they recently launched two stores in the UK. Their ethos is all about quality treatments in a fun and casual environment, and they offer everything from acrylic nails to pampering facials.

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When I arrived, I was thrilled to see wall-to-wall supplies of Dermalogica, OPI and Jane Iredale. They offer some other brands too, including Natural Spa Factory and Environ. It’s always lovely to have the option to test out new ranges, and you rarely find Jane Iredale in-store in the UK.

For my treatments, I picked the Purifying Facial using Environ products, and a stress-reducing Relax Max massage. Environ is a South African brand that specialises in Vitamin A-based skincare, and offers an extensive range of cleansers, hydrators and topical treatments.

The massage was gorgeous; my therapist got me to choose a massage candle fragrance, which she would burn to set the mood, and then use as part of the treatment. I chose the Natural Spa Factory cacao scent, which was basically hot chocolate in a candle. Bliss.

After a long week it was so lovely to be pampered, and I was almost asleep by the time she started the facial. As I’m a super geek and wanted to know EVERY product she was using, I asked her to write the steps down. It was a pretty extensive routine, with a focus on cleansing and applying layers of moisture, for a juicy, plumped-up glow. It was also the first time I’d experienced high-frequency or galvanic currents as part of a facial.

The first steps included removing makeup residue, applying a pre-cleanse lotion, and then massaging in a clay mask. The mask didn’t feel tight at all, and seemed to remove seamlessly.

Once that was done, she then used a light cleansing gel, followed by a product called Alpha Toner Forte. This is an AHA lotion that helps Vitamin A to penetrate the epidermis, and protect the acid mantle. This was followed by the high-frequency treatment, which involved applying a hydrating Vitamin A-based gel, covering it in gauze, and creating a connection between my back (yup, I don’t get it either), and the machine. Essentially, the high-frequency currents help product penetrate deeply into the skin, to create an instant and lasting effect. I saw flashing lights, and it all felt quite weird.

The treatment was a little unpleasant and stingy, but this dissipated as soon as she wiped it all away and removed the gauze. After all that layering, my therapist applied a thick layer of moisturiser, and then SPF. I was so pleased they did this, as any sort of deep exfoliation or peeling should be followed by sun protection, as skin is more exposed and sensitive.

When I looked in the mirror, I noticed two things: first off, my skin looked super peachy and fresh, and my hayfever-ravaged skin seemed a lot more hydrated, bouncy, and healthy. Second, under-skin bumps looked smoothed out – almost as if they had been air-brushed. The combination of peeling and exfoliation action seemed to really even out any texture, and dry patches looked less noticeable too.

All in all, I was so impressed with my treatments – both with the quality of the service, and the level of expertise and product knowledge from the brand and team. The team also gave me a lovely goodie bag when I left, which included an amazing AHA-based face mask, skin and hair supplements, and a mini sample of Jane Iredale’s BB Cream. You’ll find a full review of the mask in an upcoming Skincare On Trial post!

If you’re looking for a high-quality facial, manicure, massage or a combination of all three, I would absolutely recommend visiting one of your local Sorbet Salons. With stores in Muswell Hill and Crouch End, you’re pretty much sorted if you’re a North London gal like me – and they may be opening another in London soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

If you fancy getting a manicure and massage for only £45 (power mani = £30, back and neck massage =£30  = save £15), then show the code MAKINGITUP0716 to your local store!

Don’t forget to let me know if you use the code – it’s the perfect way to pamper yourself if you’ve got an event coming up. This isn’t an affiliate code and I won’t make any commission from you using it – I just think it’s a nice way to discover a quality and affordable salon that puts the fun back into the spa experience. 

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Sorbet Salons kindly gifted this pampering experience to me; however, I was not remunerated for this post. All thoughts my own.