Paula’s Choice Skincare: Summer Favourites

Paula's Choice Summer Skincare

27 May, 2016 Paula’s Choice Skincare: Summer Favourites

Paula’s Choice recently got in touch and asked me to pick out a couple of products from their collection. I’m always hearing about the brand, and I love using their Beautypedia service to research potential skincare purchases, so I was pretty excited to hear from them.

The three products I chose were the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid, the Clear Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid with SPF30+, and the Calm Redness Relief Moisturiser. I decided to choose skincare products I could use as we approach warmer weather, that dealt with both prepping skin and creating a smooth and clear canvas, and keeping my complexion supple, hydrated and protected.

Paula's Choice Summer Skincare

Paula’s Choice are known for their retinol, AHA and BHA ranges, and I’d never tested out a high-dose chemical exfoliant. I’ve had a couple of stress-induced blemishes pop up recently, so I thought the 2% BHA Liquid would be ideal. The Daily Mattifying Fluid  sounds like the perfect facial SPF for hot weather, and as I’m heading to Mykonos at the end of June, I need something that would keep oil at bay, and protect my skin from UV rays. The last product is the Redness Relief Moisturiser, and it’s seriously rocking my world right now.

Keep scrolling for reviews on all three new additions to my skincare stash!

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid* (£23, 118ml)

This chemical exfoliant utilises salicylic acid to kill spot-causing bacteria, and slough away dead skin, along with the bonds that keep that skin floating around on the surface. It’s a pretty gross image, but it helps to understand what the salicylic acid is actually doing. Salicylic acid is fairly strong, and this won’t be to everyone’s taste. However, I’ve been enjoying it for giving my skin a deep clean and assisting in the removal of blackheads, as my usual toners and scrubs just haven’t been getting the job done.

I typically apply to cleansed skin with a cotton pad, and then let it sit on the skin for up to 10 minutes (like you would a peel) before removing with warm water. The sensation is tingly and it can leave the skin slightly reddened, but on the whole, the effect it has on blackheads and open pores definitely outweigh the experience.

Paula’s Choice Clear Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid with SPF30+* (£29, 60ml)

Whenever you use an intensive exfoliator, it’s essential to follow up in the morning with an SPF. For the summer I always pick up an SPF30+ moisturiser, and the fact that this mattifies and acts as a base only lured me in even more. The formula is lightweight and watery, which I think is definitely needed when spending the day in the sun – you want something that will absorb immediately and feel weightless. It makes for a pretty good primer/base, although I would suggest choosing something a little more smoothing if you need help filling in fine lines and pores.

Paula’s Choice Calm Redness Relief Moisturiser* (£23, 60ml)

This moisturiser surprised me, because at face value, it doesn’t sound that game-changing – but trust me, it is. The texture is so light and fresh, and it feels incredibly cooling and soothing on my skin. I’ve found so many ways to use it – as a post-face mask soother, as a makeup base, as a lotion to add to heavier foundations, and as an all-over moisturiser when my skin needs a hydration boost. This would be fabulous for sensitive skin types or those prone to rosacea, although I think this will help pretty much anyone!

All in all I’m really happy with my new skincare goodies, and I’d definitely recommend you check out the brand – their products are pricey in the UK, but for the quality and efficacy of the ingredients, and the know-how and experience behind the brand, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great product.

Have you tried any skincare from Paula’s Choice? What do you like the look of from their range? Get commenting below!

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*Contains PR samples. I was not remunerated for this post.