How To: Brighten and Revive Tired, Sore Eyes

Brighten Tired Eyes

06 May, 2016 How To: Brighten and Revive Tired, Sore Eyes

I’m writing this on Thursday 5th May, and the pollen account is incredibly high. I haven’t stopped sneezing, and my eyes have halved in size. Whilst I’m currently feeling terrible, I do have a fail-safe arsenal of beauty products that rehydrate dry, crusty noses (TMI I know), soothe the skin, and bring my eyes back to life. If you’re a hayfever sufferer like me, comment below with the remedies you use – I need all the help I can get!

Brighten Tired Eyes
Soothe Eyes and Remove Grime

To sweep away the day’s pollution, the Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion (£13.25) is great. I typically remove makeup, then go in with two lotion-soaked cotton pads, keeping them on my lids for 30-40 seconds. It contains aloe vera and cornflower to calm inflamed skin, and I can feel the difference after using this. I’ve had this in my skincare stash for years, and have been through countless bottles. Sometimes I’ll keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling boost.

Treat With A Mask

When I need a little more hydration and nourishment, the VOYA Visage Awakening Eye Mask* (£37) is fantastic. It’s packed with green tea to desensitize and calm, pomegranate to increase collagen production, and seabuckthorn, which prevents skin from becoming cracked and parched. The texture is gel-like and rich, and absorbs beautifully without any residue. I like to apply with my ring fingers, by gentle tapping over the orbital bone, and down to the tops of my cheeks.

Nourish Dry Patches

Under makeup, the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (£20) is lovely for creating a smooth base for concealer, foundation and powder. It has an emollient, slightly oily texture, although this disappears quickly, and actually works well to give some slip to makeup. For a full review of this lovely eye cream, click here.

All-Over Hydration

To keep my skin feeling smooth and supple, the Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Elixir (£45.50) feels fantastic. It’s rose-scented, intensely nourishing, and it rehydrates around my nose and cheeks. I try and keep a fan on instead of opening the windows, but this often means my skin becomes chapped and dry. This is a lovely serum to whack on when I’m pottering around the house, and the beautiful blue bottle looks gorgeous on my vanity.

Perfect, Conceal and Neutralise Redness

I’m always going on about the Clarins Instant Concealer (£21.50), but that’s because it’s so incredible! It brightens dark circles and smooths over bags in seconds, ensuring my restless night’s sleep isn’t apparent to the entire population of London.  The creamy formula and high pigmentation is great on spots if you fancy using only one product, although I’d advise oilier complexions to avoid this on larger surface areas.

Although hayfever is an absolute pain, with a beauty tricks and products, you can manage the way it effects your skin – and your confidence. Comment below with your remedies!

Wishing you all a wonderful (and sneeze-free) weekend!


*Contains PR samples