Makeup Geek Eyeshadows: Review and Swatches!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

19 April, 2016 Makeup Geek Eyeshadows: Review and Swatches!

I’ve been promising this post since January, so apologies that this is late! I’m not entirely sure why it’s taken me this long to write and publish a piece on one of my favourite brands I’ve discovered since starting my blogging career . I’ve been wearing Makeup Geek eyeshadows every day since I bought my first bundle from Beauty Bay, and will go out of my way to incorporate one of my 15 shades into any makeup look.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

With a seriously affordable price tag per pan (£4.95 for the regular formula), Makeup Geek eyeshadows offer a cheaper alternative to building a customised makeup palette. Whilst MAC shadows are fabulous, they are £10 a refill, meaning building up a 15-pan palette is going to set you back some serious cash. With a fantastic shade offering, and one of the creamiest and most pigmented formulas on the market, Makeup Geek eyeshadows are in a class of their own.

Without further ado, here is my entire Makeup Geek eyeshadow collection, with reviews and swatches for every shade I own…

Makeup Geek Matte Eyeshadows

Left to right: Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Latte, Cocoa Bear


One of the formulas that MUG is known for, is their matte formula, which provides an opaque (and shimmer-free) wash of coverage. The matte formula is perfect for transition and crease shades, and I’ve picked shades that are constantly mentioned in blogs and on social media, for their eye-transforming benefits.

Peach Smoothie: warm-tone, creamy peach – use as a transition shade in brown and bronze smoky eye looks

Creme Brulee: warm-tone, pale brown – use as a crease shade in natural/everyday eye looks

Latte: cool-tone, ash brown – use as a transition shade in purple-toned eye looks, and as a crease shade in deep bronze and red-toned eye looks.

Cocoa Bear: warm-tone, red brown – use as an intensifier shade in deep brown and bronze makeup looks, or all over the lid. This shade is particularly beautiful on green eyes.

Bitten: warm-tone, cranberry red-brown – use in the outer corners in bronze or purple makeup looks. This shade works well as a liner too.

Makeup Geek Shimmer Eyeshadows

From left to right: Shimma Shimma, Purely Naked, Homecoming, Glamorous, Cosmopolitan, Goddess, Roulette, Brown Sugar


Shimmer shades from MUG come in varying levels of intensity. Whilst they aren’t as out-there as the foiled shadows (more on those later), some of them offer a high dosage of glitter and shimmer. Below are some of my favourites.

Shimma Shimma: neutral-tone, creamy champagne – use as an inner-corner highlight, as a pop of colour on the lid, or a face highlight in light doses.

Purely Naked: neutral-tone, vanilla brown – has the smallest hint of shimmer. Use as an all-over-lid shade.

Homecoming: cool-tone, taupe-mink-brown – use as an all-over-lid shade.

Glamorous: warm-tone, orange-gold – use an all-over-lid shade.

Cosmopolitan: warm-tone, rose-gold – use an all-over-lid shade, or to deepen the outer corners of a bronze or copper eye look.

Goddess: warm-tone, copper-bronze – use in the outer corner of a brown eye look.

Roulette: warm-tone, plum-bronze – this unusual colour has a similar finish to the foiled shadows, without the creamy texture. This is best used as an all-over-lid shade.

Brown Sugar: neutral-tone, deep brown – use to deepen the crease, intensify a bronze smoky eye, or pop in the lower lash line.

Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows

From left to right: Magic Act, Grandstand


The MUG foiled shadows are slightly pricier than the traditional formula, although at £7.95 per pan, they’re still great value for money. The two shades I own are buttery, pigmented, and incredibly glittery. Foiled shadows are best used as highlighters or accent colours – so either applied strategically in the inner corner, the lower lash line, or in the centre of the lid for a glossy wet look.

Magic Act: warm-tone, creamy gold – use as an inner-corner highlight in warm-tone eye looks. Can also be used as a face highlight on deeper skin tones.

Grandstand: neutral-toneminky-bronze – use an all-over-lid shade. This unusual shade has cool and warm tones, and is one of the most versatile in my collection.

My favourite shades from MUG would have to be Latte, Cocoa Bear, Shimma Shimma and Magic Act. They each pair beautifully with any eye look, and are incredibly versatile. I’d love to know your favourites!

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Share your favourite Makeup Geek eyeshadows below, and don’t forget to comment below with the shades you like the look of from my collection!

Have a gorgeous week!


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  • Danielle
    Posted at 18:38h, 21 April Reply

    you picked great shades! I’m obsessed with Grandstand, so beautiful. It also almost feels wrong to own MUG shadows and not own Cocoa Bear so I think that will be in my next purchase!

    • Jessica
      Posted at 17:10h, 27 April Reply

      Thanks Danielle! Omg you must get Cocoa Bear! XO

  • bea
    Posted at 16:40h, 20 April Reply

    Now THAT is pigmented!


    • Jessica
      Posted at 17:07h, 27 April Reply

      Haha yup! They really are! XO

  • Alina
    Posted at 00:01h, 20 April Reply

    I’ve yet to try any MUG eyeshadows, feel so behind on the beauty world haha. I am definitely going to treat myself to a small Z palette for my birthday in August though. Love the shades you have here, my kind of perfect palette x

    Beauty with charm

    • Jessica
      Posted at 17:07h, 27 April Reply

      OMG yes, you need to! Go for it! Thanks lovely XO

  • Jasmine Talks Beauty
    Posted at 21:38h, 19 April Reply

    This is pretty much my perfect Makeup Geek palette! I think I own all but one or two of these :’) love your collection and how well-loved these are. Peach Smoothie, Homecoming, Cocoa Bear and Grandstand are some of my favourites! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • Jessica
      Posted at 17:07h, 27 April Reply

      Ah yay, glad you like the shades! I need to use Peach Smoothie soon, cheers for reminding me! XO

  • Katya Van Bick
    Posted at 11:20h, 19 April Reply

    So far I only have latte but I really love it. It’s a great base! You’ve got such a gorgeous collection, I can’t wait to start building mine up!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

    • Jessica
      Posted at 17:06h, 27 April Reply

      Thanks so much Katya! XO

  • Emma Louise
    Posted at 08:57h, 19 April Reply

    I have purely naked it’s one of my favourite transition shades! Grandstand looks gorgeous on the lid with cocoa bear and bitten in the outer corners!
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

    • Jessica
      Posted at 17:06h, 27 April Reply

      So agree! Love Makeup Geek! XO

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