Skincare On Trial 2: No7, Avene, Elemis and More!

Skincare On Trial 2

28 March, 2016 Skincare On Trial 2: No7, Avene, Elemis and More!

Good morrow to you all. After my last post discussing some new gorgeous skincare picks, I’m coming at you today with Skincare On Trial 2! I know, not the most exciting name. As usual, I’ve been testing out a bunch of products, and have also been prowling through the aisles of Boots (and shopping my own stash) to find some fab beauty bits to tell you about. I hope you enjoy this instalment of Skincare On Trial 2 – comment below if you do!

Skincare On Trial 2

No7 Beautiful Skin Overnight Radiance Boost (£14)

This exfoliating, skin-brightening serum is probably one of the best products I’ve tried in recent months, and will definitely be making an appearance in my March favourites (coming soon).

With a light, silky texture that’s very similar to Sunday Riley’s famed Good Genes treatment, this is the perfect step post-toning and pre-moisturiser and oil. Grace from That Grace Girl recommended this in her top picks from the brand, and I instantly grabbed a bottle.

Combining fruit extracts to lightly slough away dead skin, caffeine to brighten and lift, and a generous dose of Vitamin C for instant perkiness, it’s a great option for those who like to exfoliate, without resorting to harsh, abrasive scrubs and peels. Plus, it smells beautiful!

Avene Cleanance Mask-Scrub (£15)

Avene is one of my favourite French Pharmacy brands, and after shopping my stash a few weeks ago, I rediscovered this gem in my face mask stocks. This creamy, clay-based mask offers a treatment and physical scrub in one handy bottle, and is perfect when I’m hormonal and my skin is super congested and angry-looking.

I apply a dollop and massage all over my face, paying special attention to my chin, nose and forehead. When it starts to feel tight, I simply add some warm water to the mix, and let the exfoliating granules get to work.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (£80)

Next up in this edition of Skincare On Trial 2, is a gorgeous treat from Elemis. I always get mini samples of this beautiful cream when I fly with BA and absolutely love it, and by a stroke of luck, my mum received this massive tub at an event, and gave it to me. With an incredible concoction of marine extracts, this plumps up skin and creates the most beautiful sheen. It feels so luxurious, and I’ve noticed that whenever I use this, my skin looks smoother and hydrated the next day. It’s also surprisingly light, meaning oilier complexions can get away with using this on a day-to-day basis.

Temple Spa In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt* (£28)

I was contacted by the Temple Spa PR about this ‘cult classic’ exfoliating balm, and immediately asked them to send it my way – I am SUCH a sucker for a good press release, and the whole ‘fan favourite’ angle gets me every time!

Overall, I’m really happy with this product, and as I’ve been running low on two favourite products – the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and the Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm – I needed something to replace them pronto. Described as a ‘hand-blended facial in a jar’, this rich, nourishing balm is packed with olive oil, basil, lavender and Vitamin E to pamper skin, remove makeup, and create a genuine spa-like experience.

When you have the time and room for a full-on pamper session, this is fantastic, and the melting beads feel absolutely divine after a long day. However, as this doesn’t emulsify, and requires a lot of work to remove completely, it isn’t going to be the best option if you need to quickly cleanse and get on with your evening. If you’re a skincare (and cleanser) lover like me, I would definitely suggest you checking this out!

Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream* (£29.75)

Antipodes is one of my favourite organic skincare brands, and this avocado-based night-time moisturiser has been a lovely treat on dry skin days. The formula is thick, emollient and quite heavily scented, meaning it might not be the best option for sensitive skin types. With an ingredients list containing avocado, shea butter, manuka honey, grapefruit, sandalwood and patchouli, it’s packed full of gorgeous natural extracts, and will be a real treat for dry and dehydrated skin types as an overnight intensive treatment.

Astrida Naturals Mulberry and Licorice Brightening Serum* ($36)

Last up is this interesting serum from organic brand Astrida Naturals. With a creamy, milky formula and a gorgeous fruity scent, this serum claims to reduce age spots and pigmentation, diminish dullness, and and generally improve the appearance of your skin. I’ve found it to be a lovely ‘sandwiching’ serum when I want to really layer on the moisture, and the slightly watery texture means it doesn’t feel heavy or extra rich.

Let me know if you’ve tried any products from this Skincare On Trial 2 post – and share your thoughts on your new skincare purchases below!

Have a gorgeous day!


*This post contains PR samples.