Nest Fragrance: Dahlia and Vines Rollerball

Nest Fragrance Dahlia and Vines Rollerball

12 February, 2016 Nest Fragrance: Dahlia and Vines Rollerball

Happy Friday! Today’s easy breezy post is dedicated to a gorgeous travel-size perfume: Nest Fragrance Dahlia and Vines.

In the UK, it’s pretty much impossible to find gorgeous perfumes in rollerball form. Having a travel-size scent is an essential in any beauty lover’s handbag, but we just don’t have any options. Sob sob. On my last Sephora trip, I picked up the Nest Fragrance Dahlia and Vines Rollerball ($25), and instantly fell in love with the gorgeous combination of florals, greens, and just a hint of musk. As I forgot to include it in the epic Sephora and Ulta Beauty Haul from earlier this week, I thought I’d dedicate a post to how truly divine it is. Enjoy!

Nest Fragrance Dahlia and Vines Rollerball

Nest Fragrance is a brand I’d heard a lot about from U.S. beauty gurus, but never tried first hand – and their rollerballs are often touted as fan favourites. Indigo is probably their most well-known scent, featuring Moroccan tea, Kashmir wood, cardamom, fig and bergamot, but it was the femininity of Dahlia and Vines that really enthralled me.

Notes include daffodils, rose and garden vines, with a gorgeously fruity and rich kick that you start to notice when it dries down. The rollerball form means it’s easy to apply to pulse points, and a few drops is all you need to last 3-4 hours. The packaging and design of the bottle is gorgeous, and is great for keeping in your clutch too.

I’m really impressed with Nest Fragrance, and will definitely be picking up some more rollerballs on my next stateside trip. I’ve got my heart set on Indigo, along with White Sandalwood, Midnight Fleur, and Verde.

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Have you tried any perfumes from Nest Fragrance? What would you recommend from the range? Share your thoughts, comments and questions below!

Happy Friday!