The Making It Up Library: My Top Ten Posts

The Making It Up Library

02 December, 2015 The Making It Up Library: My Top Ten Posts

Hello all. It’s my birthday today (24, yikes) so I’m taking it a little easier this week. For today’s post, I thought it might be interesting to flick through the Making It Up library. Below are some of my most popular reviews, hauls and collections, and the posts I thoroughly enjoyed reading, planning and writing. After publishing over 250 posts, it’s tricky to narrow it down to just 10, but I feel like I’ve struck the right balance between beauty reviews and me just going on a rant about something. I hope you enjoy checking out these posts from my library – Friday’s post will be a more traditional #FaceMaskFriday review!

The Making It Up Library

1) My Stress-Free Evening Routine: this recent post was definitely a useful exercise in how to not be stressed when you’re talking about being stressed. I spent the majority of the time writing this post in bed with a face mask on, and it was such a novel experience to talk about my new techniques to stay organised and zen without flying into a total panic. In this post you’ll find some mini beauty reviews, novel recommendations, quick tips for getting sh*t done when you get home from work, and other useful nuggets of information. It’s much more interesting than it sounds, promise!

2) Talking Beauty With My Mum: my mum is easily my favourite person in the entire world, and this blog post was a great chance to learn a bit more about her beauty routine, and root around in her extensive makeup collection. As a breast cancer survivor and generally wonderful human being, she has some great tips on confidence and feeling good in your 50s. I encourage you to read this for some awesome recommendations, and please share it with your loved ones too!

3) How To: Blog Without Stress: in a similar vein to the first post, this is all about blogging stress-free and keeping your content fresh and interesting. My top tips include keep an open mind for future content ideas, make TONS of lists, and read, read, read!

4) My Beauty Inspirations: my beauty inspirations are incredibly varied, but equally inspiring. From Dolly Parton to Sali Hughes, there’s something for everyone.

5) Space NK Beauty Wishlist: Space NK is a beauty mecca, and the chief enabler for the majority of my beauty purchases. Find out what I’m currently coveting, along with some great recommendations for your Christmas wishlist.

6) My (Updated) Beauty Storage: a beauty blogger’s storage system is her (or his) pride and joy. I went way overboard in MUJI, and picked up a bunch of acrylic storage unites to house my ever-growing makeup and skincare collection.

7) My Favourite U.S. Drugstore Makeup: in the UK, Boots and Superdrug are lovely, but they aren’t meccas for beauty exploration and discovery like their American counterparts. The U.S. drugstore gets me every time, and I love how easily accessible great U.S. brands are now for UK residents (e.g. LA Girl, Milani, NYX, Wet N Wild etc). Check out my top recommendations for U.S. affordable makeup!

8) Why You Should Forget The Face Wipes: every beauty lover worth their salt knows that face wipes are bad news. Read my post on what you should be reaching for instead – I’d be surprised if you weren’t convinced!

9) Faking Healthy Skin: Hangover Hacks: when you’ve had one too many, and there’s ZERO chance of a lie-in or pulling a sickie, stick to my tips for faking healthy skin, and you’ll look fresh and radiant in no time.

10) La Roche Posay’s Makeup Remover Milk: last but not least – one of my most popular blog posts, on hands down the best makeup remover I have ever used. This stuff is milky perfection. Try it and thank me later – and buy it here for only £12 if you fancy.

Let me know your favourites from the Making It Up library below, and don’t forget to share your most popular blog posts in the comments!

Happy Wednesday!