What’s New: Janjira Marine Radiant White*

Janjira Marine Radiant White Range

04 November, 2015 What’s New: Janjira Marine Radiant White*

Over the last two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a new range from Janjira, a Thai skincare brand that is making serious waves in the luxe skincare market. Combining ancient beauty rituals with a fresh approach to keeping skin youthful and healthy, Janjira offer targeted solutions that are proven to make a visible difference to the look and feel of your skin. They sent over their new Marine Radiant White range, a curated collection of products that claim to target dark spots, reduce and prevent discolouration, and deeply exfoliate. I believe this range is targeted at women who want to lighten their skin, as the key ingredient which is featured in every product (Algowhite™) inhibits the skin’s ability to produce melanin. Whilst I’m definitely not interested in becoming any paler, I am keen to brighten my complexion and reduce some discolouration on my cheeks, so I was definitely excited to try the range out.

Overall, I enjoyed using the three products I received. Although I had a few minor issues, generally I was happy – and I’m really pleased to discover a brand that unashamedly embraces the spa-like elements of skincare, as I truly believe that looking after your complexion should be fun and luxurious. Keep scrolling to find out my thoughts on Janjira’s new releases!

Janjira Marine Radiant White Range

The first product I tried was the Janjira Marine Radiant White Brightening Cleanser* (£22 here). Janjira market this cleanser as a ‘one-stop shop’: it removes makeup, exfoliates with the help of Vitamin C, and brightens and nourishes with the help of Vitamin B3 and Algowhite™. I didn’t get on too well with this cleanser, as although it didn’t foam, it left my skin feeling quite dry and tight. It did a good job of removing heavy eye makeup, and it left my skin feeling squeaky clean – I prefer to feel nourished and refreshed rather than cleansed within an inch of my life, but some people enjoy that sensation.

The next offering from Janjira that I tried is definitely a new favourite, and it’s the Marine Radiant White Brightening Toner* (£20 here). This lightweight, nourishing and soothing toner comes in a top-pump form, meaning you have to press down on the lid with a cotton round to distribute the product. It’s oil and alcohol-free, and contains a whole host of nourishing ingredients, including Sodium Hyaluronate (a form of Hyaluronic Acid). It’s a dream to apply, and great for whacking on after using an exfoliating or purifying face mask, for an immediate and long-lasting moisture boost. This is definitely a new favourite, and one that I’ll be keeping in my skincare stash for a long time!

Last up is the Janjira Marine Radiant White Illuminating Day Cream* (£24 here). Hydrating without feeling heavy, this immediately brings a subtle glow to bare skin, whilst providing both UVA and UVB protection – two key factors that can cause an enhance dark spots and pigmentation. Dry skin types would love this moisturiser, as it sits beautifully on the skin, and would be a great base under makeup. For me, it works better as a moisture booster on my cheeks and around my eyes, especially if I’m rocking a heavy matte foundation that day.

So that’s the Janjira Marine Radiant White range – pretty, easy-to-use, and relatively affordable for a luxury skincare brand. I’ve enjoyed trialling these products, and will continue to use the toner everyday. The cleanser might be a little more appropriate in the summer time, and the moisturiser and toner are both great all-year round.

You can check out the entire Janjira product line here, and click through for their Twitter and Instagram handles!

What do you think of this luxe range? Have you tried any products from Janjira before? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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*This post contains PR samples.

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