Face Mask Friday #20 With Origins

Origins Original Skin Mask 1

09 October, 2015 Face Mask Friday #20 With Origins

I can’t believe I’ve written 20 Face Mask Friday posts! My obsession with skincare shows no sign of stopping, and I’m more than happy to keep testing out the best (and occasionally the worst) face masks on the market for y’all. Today, the focus is on the Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask (£23 here), after Grace from That Grace Girl reviewed it a couple of months ago. She had only good things to say, and this quote absolutely sold me on the product: it’s almost hard to believe that something can make my skin look so good so fast!

Origins Original Skin Mask 1

At first glance, this looks like your typical clay mask, albeit a little more pink than usual. Clay masks are fantastic for withdrawing impurities, but they can be a little drying, which is actually what makes this mask so special. It both purifies (blackhead elimination, and blemish prevention) whilst nourishing and conditioning at the same time, so skin appears more stable and less reactive over time.

The scent is very delicate, with a hint of rose that is spa-like rather than bothersome and cloying, and the jojoba beads mixed in with the rose clay help to deliver tons of exfoliation and brightness that feels gentle and comfortable on my complexion. Chamomile, lavender, geranium and clary sage come together to soothe, boost radiance and reduce inflammation, so skin looks healthy and stress-free (perfect for that time of the month). It draws out toxins and excess sebum with ease, and can make a huge difference to skin that’s spent more than enough time in central heating and on public transport.

I think this beautiful skincare treat would be great to keep in your stash if you have combination-sensitive skin: skin is kept supple and nourished with glycerin, but it can also still be ‘exorcised’ of all spotty demons (what an image), due to the hard-working clay. Whenever I’ve finished with this mask for the day, I’m impressed at how bouncy and super-clean my skin looks. Blackheads are reduced in number, pores start to look less like giant holes on my face, with a subtle flush that screams ‘natural glow’. Makeup also applies like a dream on top!

A nice way to mix up how you use this wonder product is to incorporate it into your morning skincare regime: after cleansing and toning, pop on some of this mask in a thin layer, and massage gently into the skin for a mini cleansing facial.

To check out Grace’s fantastic review of the Origins Original Skin Mask, click here, and don’t forget to pick up a bottle at this link!

What are your thoughts on this exfoliating and soothing mask? Have you tried it, or any other Origins products? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure to check out my other Origins Face Mask Friday posts (here and here), too!

 Have a lovely weekend!

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