Autumn Essentials: Luxurious Body Products

Luxurious Body Products

30 September, 2015 Autumn Essentials: Luxurious Body Products

There’s nothing better than a good pamper, and I’ve been hoarding some fantastic bodycare bits that get the job done great. I’d like to point out that luxurious doesn’t always mean luxury – some of the most indulgent, decadent products I own are from the drugstore! Below are four gorgeous goodies from both high and low ends of the beauty spectrum, that keep my skin soft and silky, and are perfect for a pampering evening in.

Luxurious Body Products

My first luxurious bodycare treat is The Body Shop’s Spa of the World French Lavender Massage Oil* (£14 here). This rich, silky oil comes in the most beautiful bottle, and can be applied on wet or dry skin for the perfect bed-time pamper. The scent is heady and very strong, so a love of lavender is essential! Although this calls itself a massage oil, I just use this all over when I’ve had a bath to lock in moisture and help me get ready for bed.

Another lovely night-time product is the Sanctuary Spa Treatments Sleep Comforting Night Butter (£9.50 here, full review here). This lavender-infused moisturiser is great on dry, scaly skin, and when rubbed into the pressure points, it gives off the most divine aroma. I like to apply this all over my feet, pop some socks on, and then go to bed, meaning I wake up with seriously smooth feet!

Shower gels can be really abrasive and harsh on delicate skin, and I’ve been turning to nourishing creams and oils more and more frequently. The Sanctuary Spa Shower Oil (£7 here) is a real bodycare staple, and a great cleanser for the shower when you’re in a rush. but still want to indulge. The scent is warm, uplifting and perfect for Autumn, and the creamy lather makes this fantastic for shaving your legs.

Last up is the Aurelia Firm & Revitalize Dry Body Oil* (£48 here, full review here). This dry oil contains lavender (surprise surprise), macadamia, borage, neroli and rose, and smells wonderful – almost spa-like! It makes a great oil to nourish legs after shaving, along with adding a glossy sheen to the décolletage, cleavage, arms or legs. It’s seriously pricey at £48 a pop, but the scent alone makes this worth it!

What do you think of my luxurious bodycare recommendations? Share yours in the comments below!


*This post contains PR samples