What’s New: Clinique Lip Pops

Clinique Lip Pops

23 September, 2015 What’s New: Clinique Lip Pops

Some people collect stamps, others enjoy bird watching – my hobby is lipstick. Matte, creamy, glossy or packed with glitter, I truly love them all. Today I’ll be chatting about two beautiful lippies from Clinique that recently launched as part of their Pop Lips Colour + Primer range. The new line claims to provide the benefits of a smoothing primer and a high-pigment lip colour in one, along with opaque coverage that nourishes the lips and lasts for five hours without smudging, fading or flaking. Whilst the longevity claims don’t stretch to the full five hours in the lighter shades I own, I definitely think that this new launch offers incredible coverage, moisture and a gorgeous shade spectrum. Keep scrolling to find out my thoughts on the lovely Clinique Lip Pops!

Clinique Lip Pops 1

The two Clinique Lip Pops I own are Beige Pop, a milky brown-pink, and Melon Pop, a vibrant peach-coral. Both shades are totally shimmer-free, and can be applied straight from the bullet, or dabbed on for a more natural, flushed effect. I’m so impressed with the pigmentation in these lipsticks – they’re intense without looking too stark on the skin, and mesh seamlessly with the natural contours of your lips.

In terms of primer, I do feel like you get an extra boost of ‘slip’ with these lipsticks – they literally glide on and look  so smooth and sheeny. As with most creamy, emollient lip products, they don’t last for that long –  the average wear time for me is 3-4 hours, but they’re easy to reapply and they don’t flake or peel.

The packaging is beautiful too – the bottom half of the tube matches the colour of the lipstick, so you’re never fiddling around for numbers or names, and they’re easy to find when you’re rummaging around in your handbag.

I don’t have a bad word to say about these stunning lipsticks – at £16 each they’re reasonably priced, and the colour range is fantastic. I’ve got my eyes on Fab Pop and Poppy Pop next!

You can buy the Clinique Lip Pops here for £16.

What do you think of these lipsticks? Have you tried any other shades in the range? Let me know in the comments below!