Top Six: Mattifying Moisturisers

Mattifying Moisturisers

21 September, 2015 Top Six: Mattifying Moisturisers

Mattifying moisturisers – sounds a little contradictory, no? When I first started wearing makeup and using skincare, I wanted my oily skin to look totally matte and shine free – so I didn’t wear a drop of moisturiser, serum, or any hydrating products that nourished my skin. This resulted in excess oil production, sebum build-up, and flaky patches to accompany a greasy t-zone – the combination was not pretty in the slightest. Now that I feel more knowledgeable on the best lotions and potions for oily skin, I’m eager to inform y’all on the wonder that is the mattifying moisturiser – a heaven-sent product that curbs excess oiliness, provides a lightweight layer of moisture, smoothes over lumps and bumps and effectively reduces the appearance of pores. They’re staples in my skincare drawers and I’ve got six to tell you about. Let’s go!

Mattifying Moisturisers

The first product in this mattifying moisturisers roundup, is the Avene Cleanance MAT Mattifying Emulsion (£12 here). This contains cucurbita (pumpkin extract) and salicylic acid, which helps to curb excess oil and eliminate harmful bacteria on the skin. The texture is light and refreshing, and it does a nice job of mattifying shine and providing makeup and primer with a smooth base for an easy application. It’s not the best in bunch, but it does keep shine at bay and eliminates the need to over-powder, which is a habit I’m prone to indulging in!

My current favourite is the Bioderma Sebium Mat Moisturising Mattifying Fluid (£11.50 here). It’s a cream-gel formula that absorbs immediately and visibly smooths over pores without blocking them, and can double as a primer in a pinch. It contains AHA esters which brightens and tightens the skin, and encourages the complexion to speed up the cell renewal process. In layman’s terms, it makes skin look fantastic without a trace of makeup, and leaves my face feeling hydrated, comfortable and prepared for a day’s worth of grime and sweat – nice!

A two-in-one product that’s been in my skincare arsenal for years is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ (£15.50 here). Both a moisturiser and an intensive acne treatment, this drastically reduces redness and inflammation from spots, diminishes the size of existing ones, and provides a nice layer of moisture too. I find this works best in the evening, after serum or oil, but it does a good job in the morning under makeup as well. It’s an absolute staple and a product I’m constantly repurchasing, and recommending to bloggers and friends.

From the same range is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat (£14.50 here). It’s definitely a traditional moisturiser in the sense that you can feel it hydrating and smoothing over flaky patches, but it dries down to an almost powdery texture that works fantastically well with primer, foundation and concealer. It has quite a strong scent, so maybe one to avoid if you have sensitive skin or a complexion that doesn’t respond well to fragrance.

Now onto my non-French Pharmacy mattifying moisturisers. The MAC Oil Control Lotion (£24.50 here) is a lovely and mattifying base that doubles as a primer. It’s pricy, but worth it in my opinion – apple and mimosa extract gently exfoliate the skin, whilst small levels of silicone smooth over pores and textured areas. It’s definitely a moisturiser to wear during the day as I wouldn’t recommend using silicone-based products before bed, but a great one to pop on underneath a mattifying primer, or to wear on its own.

My last mattifying moisturiser is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel (£30 here). I’ve reviewed this gorgeous base in this post, and I’m still such a fan of this cult classic. It’s lightweight, a true radiance-booster, and the sensitive-skin approved formula means it will never break me out or block my pores. The larger bottle lasts me a crazy-long time and although the £30 price tag isn’t cheap, it’s well worth the money. Definitely one to look into!

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What do you think of my collection of mattifying moisturisers? Do you own any, and which others on the market do you recommend? Get sharing in the comments below!

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