#NoBuyJuly: My Perfume Collection

23 July, 2015 #NoBuyJuly: My Perfume Collection

Perfume is the one area of beauty that I’m not that adventurous with. I stick to scents I know, and am always drawn to similar notes – usually, it’s anything with a slightly masculine vibe, or is a little bit ‘woody’. Sandalwood, cedar and oud are some of my favourite ingredients for the perfect perfume, and although its slightly atypical, I find it suits me well and I never get tired of these warming, exotic fragrances. Keep scrolling to read about my wood-heavy perfume collection! You can also read about two of my favourite fig-based body sprays and mists in this blog post.

Perfume Stash

Prada Amber Eau De Parfum – £59.50 here. Prada scents are always gorgeous, but this amber-based oriental scent is the perfect ‘night out’ perfume. Heady and sultry, the blend of sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin resin (similar to incense) and vanilla work incredibly well together, and because of the EDP formula, it lasts on the skin for a crazily long period of time.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche – £55 here. Chanel’s Chance is one of my favourite daytime scents, but the Eau Fraiche version is even nicer. It’s a great summer scent, with a lovely contrast of sweet and tart elements, such as lemon, cedar, pink pepper, jasmine, patchouli and white musk. I would definitely recommend this if you’re a fan of traditionally girly perfumes, but still want a little kick of something different.

Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense – £105 here. This scent is so special to me. I used to wear it when it first came out in 2010, but struggled to fork out the £100+ to pay for this gorgeous bottle. My boyfriend surprised me on our one year anniversary with a bottle that had my initials engraved on the lid, and since then every new bottle has been a lovely reminder of that day. Oud is an incredibly smoky scent that might not work for everyone, but to me it smells divine, and combined with fresh bergamot and warming orange, it’s a match made in heaven.

Diptyque Tam Dao Eau De Toilette – £58 here. Another wood-based scent that I adore is Tam Dao. With a base of rose, cypress, sandalwood and cedar, this is the most masculine perfume in my collection, but strangely, also the most wearable. It’s rich yet incredibly fresh at the same time, and is perfect for spring and summer.

Agent Provocateur Fatale Eau De Parfum – £36 here. My boyfriend chose this perfume for me, and I adore it. It’s incredibly sweet (blackcurrant, gardenia and mango make up the majority of the notes) but there’s a hint of spiciness from the pink pepper that I love. It’s affordable, lasts on the skin for ages and makes a great clubbing/night out scent.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau De Parfum – £79 here. This perfume is musk city. Heady, sensual and rich, it includes vetiver, amber, vanilla, sandalwood and rose to create a super-feminine, intense fragrance. I normally save this for interviews or meetings, as I’ve had it in various sizes for so many years, and always have it around as a good luck charm. Its a sophisticated scent, and one I’d recommend to those who aren’t huge fans of fruity or floral perfumes.


What did you think of my current perfume collection? Have you written a blog post on yours? I’d love to know your favourites – get sharing in the comments below!