What’s New: Glossier Beauty

10 July, 2015 What’s New: Glossier Beauty

I bloody love Into The Gloss. It’s one of my favourite websites for beauty news, review and fantastic chats with celebrities, and I’ve purchased countless products recommended by the team of ITG editors. Back in 2014, the beloved site launched Glossier, a condensed beauty range that work as a capsule collection for your dressing table. Tinted moisturisers, primers, tonics and lotions are on the menu, rather than your average concealer, foundation, powder and the odd ‘statement red’ lipstick. Which I’m fairly fed up with by the way. The aim is to create products that anyone can use, and won’t be intimidated by.

Glossier Beauty

Back in May when I started my new job, I bonded with my desk-mate Paula over our love of Into The Gloss, and how we both wanted to try some Glossier products. She’s a beauty lover like me, and there really is nothing better than chatting away about our favourite primers and mascaras with an equally avid makeup connoisseur. She placed an order, and kindly offered to ship me some Glossier bits. You can probably imagine my excitement.

My little parcel contained two Glossier items: the Priming Moisturiser, and the Soothing Face Mist.

Although the packaging on this bottle alone is enough to make me fall in love, what I like most about the Soothing Face Mist ($18 here) is how gorgeously hydrating it is. Packed with rose and aloe, it features ingredients you would always expect to restore hydration levels – but what makes it different is how little else this spritzer bottle needs to do a fantastic job. The ingredient list is minimal, with glycerin and honeysuckle extract thrown in for added moisture oomph. I’ll be taking this on holiday with me as a nourishing second-step toner, and as a cool-down spray for when I start to overheat. Bliss!

The Priming Moisturiser ($25 here) is a new kind of product for me. We all know I like a ‘matter-than-matte’ base, with shine being the absolute bane of my life. This primer might have just changed my mind, as it is one of the best primers I’ve ever tried. I like to apply a dollop on my cheeks and chin after serum, and pat the excess onto my nose and forehead. It brightens and plumps my skin, and allows makeup to apply beautifully on top. Pores look smaller and redness is reduced, but nothing looks dramatically airbrushed or blurred – it’s more like your skin is just having a really, really good day. It’s like a souped up Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre without the mid-day grease. Actually, it’s like the best thing ever.

You can probably tell how much I love this brand and the products I’ve tried. It’s because Glossier, to me, is an ideology. This new brand is changing the way we ‘do’ beauty. It’s all about real skin, real women, and real expectations – the products are there to enhance and complement, rather than mask and disguise.

Here’s a great article from the founder Emily Weiss explaining more about the brand – Introducing Glossier.

What are your thoughts on Glossier products? Are you on my fangirl level? Let me know in the comments!