A Mini And Other Stories Haul

10 June, 2015 A Mini And Other Stories Haul

Last year I discovered the wonder that is And Other Stories (or & Other Stories, but you know what I’m referring to). Their huge selection of bodycare, skincare and makeup offers a gorgeous range of delicious scents, with clean, streamlined and sophisticated packaging to boot. A few weeks ago I popped into Central London to pick up some new work clothes and felt the urge to stock up on their full-to-bursting shelves of body wash, soap and lotion. Here’s what I bought!

& Other Stories Haul

Lemon Daydream Hand Soap (£4 here): The Lemon Daydream scent is one of my favourites, and a gorgeous citrus kick with a hint of zesty mojito-ness that’s perfect for summer. I’ve since ordered the body wash, lotion and scrub as I enjoy it so much!

Belleview Bakery Body Wash (£5, sold out online): A seriously creamy, sweet and bakery-esque scent, I tried the hand soap a while back and fell in love! The combination of caramel, vanilla, lemon and berries is amazing and lingers on the skin for around three hours – making it perfect to combine with sweet perfumes or applied before the body lotion. This one of And Other Stories’ most popular scents, and it’s hard to find online, but the store has plenty of bottles!

Floral Memento Body Wash (£5 here): This was an afterthought at the checkout, but I’m so glad I picked up the Floral Memento body wash. This has a peppery twist, along with hints of cedar, bergamot and rose, and it makes a great unisex shower staple too.

And Other Stories Moroccan Tea Body Mist (£5 here): I always keep a body spray in my handbag if I’m feeling a little grimy and stale-scented after the tube, and this fresh and light scent is perfect. It’s not too feminine that it feels sickly sweet, but it has a lovely floral hint that combines really well with my current perfume of choice, Diptyque’s Tam Dao (read my review here).

Have you tried any bodycare products from And Other Stories? What did you think? Any recommendations for a future haul? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Monday!