My Beauty Inspirations

25 May, 2015 My Beauty Inspirations

Over the years, there have been a few women that have been beauty inspirations in one way or another. During my childhood, I always longed to wear makeup and look as glamorous as my mum and grandma, and Hollywood beauties like Marilyn Monroe and Doris Day (such an old soul) had me itching to dye my mousy brown hair bleach blonde (which I’ve been maintaining since I was about 15). As I’ve got older, I’ve discovered other women that have inspired me, either through their aesthetics, their experiences, or through their careers.

My all-time beauty inspiration has to be Dolly Parton. She makes me cry every time I listen to her (Here You Come Again being my personal favourite), and her love of makeup (and plastic surgery, no judgement here) makes me think we’d have a right laugh if we ever met in person. She embraces her femininity, and has always been proud of who she is and where she comes from, which is something I deeply admire. If you’ve never heard it before, listen to Coat Of Many Colours and try not to weep buckets.

Next up is Sali Hughes – an incredible writer and broadcaster, as well as a generally rather wonderful personality. She loves beauty and embraces it wholeheartedly, and she does a fantastic job of explaining why enjoying makeup and skincare doesn’t make you thick or shallow. Her advice is always considered and sensible, and her In The Bathroom Youtube series (watch here) offers great, thorough interviews with some of the biggest names in the business – my favourites are her chats with Val Garland, Mary Greenwell and Caitlin Moran. The fantastically long and in-depth conversations are basically a who’s who of the current movers and shakers in the beauty industry, so it’s a wonderful thing to have access to. Her first book Pretty Honest (buy here) is practically required reading in my house, and her advice on issues ranging from what to wear when you get a bikini wax, to how to talk to counter staff, is pure genius.

Another makeup-loving icon is RuPaul Charles. True, he might not biologically be a woman, but he’s a lady in the truest sense – just look at those lashes and curls! RuPaul’s Drag Race is hands down the most entertaining show on TV, and his philanthropic work and mission to give LGBTQ people a louder voice is inspiring. I love watching him on Drag Race and am always envious of his fantastic poise, posture and contouring skills. He also has a great podcast with Michelle Visage, which I talk about in this blog post. Whenever I’m having a crap day, I always picture Ru and Michelle calling out to me: ‘you better WORK’ and it makes me feel heaps better. Try it for yourself!

An icon that most bloggers are head over heels in love with is Charlotte Tilbury. Her makeup range had such a huge impact on the beauty industry and her constant passion and genuine enthusiasm for what she does is infectious. Her website offers fantastic, easy-to-follow tutorials and her products (that I’ve tried so far) are all stunning. You can read my Charlotte Tilbury Brand Focus here if you want more info! She’s a great role model and proof that having a family and being a career woman can absolutely go hand in hand.

When I was younger (and totally flat-chested), I would always look at Nigella Lawson in my mum’s recipe books and think ‘that is what a real woman looks like’. Now that puberty has well and truly hit, I try and add a bit of Nigella sass whenever I’m going on a night out. The woman is incredibly intelligent and quick-witted, and it’s so refreshing to see a public figure completely embrace her femininity and curves. All hail Queen Nigella!

My last beauty inspiration will probably come as a shock to her, but if you’re a long-time reader of Making It Up, you definitely won’t be surprised. Maree Sye and her blog A Little Bit Etc. convinced me to start my own blog, and her hilarious personality and brilliant writing style had me hooked the first time I visited her site. She gives fantastic skincare recommendations and is always happy to offer advice, and whenever people ask for other blogs to read, hers is the first name on the list.

Seeing as this blog post is all about spreading the love about some inspiring women, I’d love to know who yours are – I’m tagging some amazing bloggers and friends (Vicky, Jasmin, Sam, Alina and Jasmine) to talk about their beauty inspirations, and to pass the tag along to a few more bloggers! Let’s spread the love!

Who are your beauty inspirations? I’d love to know! Share yours in the comments below.

Happy Bank Holiday!