The Hydration Hero: Antipodes Resurrect Toner

22 May, 2015 The Hydration Hero: Antipodes Resurrect Toner

For me, spring and summer heralds the arrival of one of my favourite skincare products: the facial spray. Toners, waters and mists in a can are perfect for hot, muggy days, and great to spritz on to refresh your makeup.

The Antipodes Resurrect Clarifying Facial Toner is a gorgeous, Sage-based spray that moisturises and purifies for an even, soothed base for serum, moisturiser and makeup. It absorbs immediately and smells slightly warm and floral, which adds to the overall calming effect.

I love to use this after a purifying face mask to keep my skin supple and moisturised, and it gives things a bit of a boost without looking shiny or extra-glowy. It works particularly well when applied liberally after using the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask (review here), and I find that using this after a mask that works on blemishes or pores helps to balance out my oils and stop my skin from overcompensating.

As a mid-day refresher, this can be applied over makeup and it helps to add a minuscule hint of sheen without disrupting cream and powder products.

I’d happily recommend this toner to people with sensitive, oily, dry, dehydrated and combination skin types, and I find that however temperamental my skin is, it gets things back to normal. If you’re hesitant about using more astringent toners, like La Roche Posay’s Serozinc or Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir and want something more gentle, then you should definitely try this!

You can buy the Antipodes Resurrect Clarifying Facial Toner here for £15.53 (currently on sale at Beauty Bay).

Have you tried this lovely Antipodes toner? Which products from Antipodes do you own, or from other natural brands? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!