Eyeshadow Pencils: Splurge or Save?

11 May, 2015 Eyeshadow Pencils: Splurge or Save?

Good morning fellow beauty lovers! I haven’t written a comparison post in the ‘Splurge or Save‘ series for a while, so I thought that today would be a good time to talk about two stunning, creamy eyeshadow pencils that I’ve been continuously reaching for over the last few weeks.

Eyeshadow Pencils

The Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleons have been around since her brand launch in 2013, and her gorgeous range of jewel and earth-toned, crayon-style eyeshadow pencils have proven seriously popular in the blogging community. Bronzed Garnet is a beautiful copper shade, and I love how intense and metallic the pigmentation is; one swipe is all you need for full-impact colour that lasts all day. Bourjois recently launched their interpretation of an eyeshadow/liner hybrid – the Colorband 2-in-1 – with five neutral shades that can be worn smudged all over the lid, or applied thinly as a liner for a more demure effect. Brun Dadaiste is a super-close dupe to Bronzed Garnet, but with a slightly cool tone that makes it a little less dramatic. Here are my thoughts on how they compare, based on colour, longevity and price!

Colour: Bronzed Garnet has a unique red/copper tinge that really makes it pop against my skin; even on my boring brown peepers, the scarlet hue brings out some lighter, hazel tones in my eyes and makes them shine. The golden shimmer adds to the dramatic effect but doesn’t look garish or cheap. I reach for this both during the day and when I’m going out in the evening, although if you prefer a more paired-down look it might not be appropriate for your work/daytime style. I love this on the upper lid but would advise against using this on the waterline, as it could look like you’ve got pink eye! Brun Dadaiste is a more conservative approach to bronze/copper: it’s still deep and sultry, but also suitable for everyday wear, as it has a considerably smaller amount of shimmer than the Charlotte Tilbury pencil.

Longevity: This is where the real difference lies: Bronzed Garnet stays on my lids for around 7-10 hours, and doesn’t fade or smudge until I’m ready to take it off. Brun Dadaiste lasts for up to four hours before it starts to fade, although it performs better as a liner than a shadow. It would work nicely as an eyeshadow base for more smoky, darker looks, although I’m more than happy to apply an extra-thick layer of primer underneath to ensure I get the maximum wear-time out of it!

Price: Charlotte Tilbury products are known for their luxury price tags, and these eyeshadow pencils are no exception. At £19 a pop (here), they really are a splurge, but for the incredible pigmentation, quality and gorgeous shades, I do think they’re worth it. The Bourjois Colorband pencils are a cheap and cheerful purchase at £5.99 (here), but they aren’t going to last the whole day (or evening). Nevertheless, Brun Dadaiste is still a gorgeous shade for everyday, and a lovely addition to my collection!

I’d recommend both eyeshadow pencils if you’re in the market for a beautiful bronze/copper shade, as they’re gorgeous in a thin line of twinkly colour as an alternative to brown or black – it just depends on your budget!

Have you tried either of these eyeshadow pencils? Do you have any alternate colours or products to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Monday!