Making It Up 2.0 – Blog Is Under Construction! Please Read

18 April, 2015 Making It Up 2.0 – Blog Is Under Construction! Please Read

Hello lovely people.

I have some exciting news. My blog relaunch is finally underway, and will be up and running next week!

This also means that because I am upgrading the site (not me personally, there’s a very tech-savvy team who have done everything and saved me a lot of hassle), there may be a short outage, or a little bit of downtime. I will tweet and post on Instagram when the site is officially LIVE, however please keep checking back to see my brand new design, logo, and a glorious front-page picture of me when I was a just a lil’ babe.

For subscribers who receive new posts via email, your subscription will transfer over to the new and improved site, but it may take a few days to begin again. I am going from a WordPress-hosted site to self-hosted, so I’m prepared for a hiccup or two along the way.

I couldn’t be happier to share with you the new look for my site, and shortly after it goes up I’ll be creating a Facebook page to share beauty industry launches and news, articles I’ve written for other websites, and my thrice-weekly blog posts too.

Thank you for being such great readers, whether you knew me before I started Making It Up, have been enabling my makeup purchasing habits from day one, or you discovered the site whilst looking for something completely different. I hope you love the new look and I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

All my love in the world,

Jess, X