What’s New: A Sephora Haul

17 April, 2015 What’s New: A Sephora Haul

I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to the Sephora online store. It draws me in with the promise of free samples, and keeps me there with dinky, travel-size tubs and tubes of body wash, mascara and lipgloss. Whilst Sephora never really took off the in the UK, it’s one of the biggest beauty retailers in the US and Europe, and has established itself as THE home of premium beauty. There were a couple of products I kept coming back to over the course of a few months, and in a moment of sheer makeup-driven madness, I bit the bullet and placed an order.

The first product I added to my basket was the Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12-Hour Perfecting Primer. I love primers and will always find an excuse to buy a new one, and recently my collection was missing a standard, silicone-based primer  that would fill in pores and fine lines, as well as mattify shine. Although silicone isn’t the best thing to slather onto your skin, Tarte’s cruelty-free, paraben-free and mineral oil-free formula reassured me that this would contain, at worst, a minimal amount of nasties. It’s a thick texture that melts into the skin and transforms into a lightweight gel. There’s no rush to blend everything in before it dries and I find it’s very malleable and easy to work with. I like using a teeny amount on my oily areas (T-zone and cheeks) and letting it absorb completely before applying a liquid foundation. It’s pricey at $30 but for long-wearing makeup that won’t get shiny, caky or lose it’s matte finish, it’s a fantastic option. Buy here.

Kat Von D mania has spread across the US and it’s hard not to pay attention when everyone and their mother has been raving about her Sephora-exclusive range. Her Tattoo Liner in Trooper always gets overwhelmingly positive reviews online, and I’m in an on-off relationship with my Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner, so I popped the hyped-up liner into my basket too. The consistency is incredible; when I swatch it on my hand, it feels light and watery, but on top of shadow or a primer it creates an inky black flick that I’ve not achieved with any other gel, liquid or pencil liner. It lasts for AGES and won’t come off with Bioderma Sensibio, so I have to use a heavy-duty oil to remove this little wonder. Well worth the money. Buy here for $19.

A new Youtuber that I’ve been loving recently is Amy Macedo. Her makeup recommendations (especially from the drugstore) have always worked for me, so when she started raving about a new foundation from BECCA, my curiosity was definitely piqued. The BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme in Sand is incredibly pigmented, with Becca boasting it has the highest concentrations of water and pigment compared to any of their other foundations or base products. Both Amy and BECCA  say that it’s a maximum/full coverage foundation that feels like a second skin, so I had seriously high expectations when this product arrived. Since testing this foundation out for a solid three weeks, I have to say I’m really disappointed. I tried it with a Beauty Blender, a buffing brush, a concealer brush, a pointed foundation brush and with my fingers, and each time I just looked ridiculous. It’s a liquid foundation that feels slightly ‘fluffy’ and has a chalky texture, which I thought would be beneficial for my oily skin. Instead, it settles into EVERY fine line, pore and exacerbates EVERY blemish and blackhead on my face. It completely separates, and gets chunky and textured over primers regardless of their effect, and it always looks blotchy on my nose. Not sexy. I’m either using it in the completely wrong way and someone needs to school me in foundation application, or it’s just not that good. If you’re still interested, you can buy it here for $44.

The last product I purchased was a cleanser (shock horror). Cleansers are my skincare weakness and one of Sephora’s new skincare launches was the Dr. Dennis Gross Colour Smart Cleanser & Mask. This cleansers contains a cocktails of fruit enzymes for exfoliation, and clays for purification and oil control. It contains tiny spheres that burst upon contact with the skin to create a yellow or orange-toned tint (depending on your skin’s pH level) that intensifies as you cleanse. It’s really useful to see which areas you’ve reached or ignored, and the tint rinses away when you’re finished cleansing. I love this in the morning for some added radiance, exfoliation and a gorgeous deep-clean. I’ve not seen many reviews of this but I can imagine with added hype this will become a cult favourite. It removes base makeup brilliantly, although I wouldn’t use it on your eyes – the citrus scent could be quite irritating! $28 here.

What do you think of my haul? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below of your most recent haul!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Jess, X