Everyday Eyeshadows from Pixi

23 February, 2015 Everyday Eyeshadows from Pixi

I wanted to talk about this gorgeous eyeshadow quad in a ‘Shopping My Stash’ post, but seeing as I have had these shadows for nearly two years and use them ALL THE TIME I thought it would be best to talk about them without any sort of ‘rediscovery’ format.

Pixi is one of those brands that offer gorgeous, hard-working products at fairly reasonable prices – they aren’t a drugstore brand but they certainly don’t have the luxury, high-end vibe either. Their packaging is cute, kitschy and feminine, and from what I’ve seen from their Glow Tonic and Flawless & Poreless Primer, their formulations are always of the highest quality.

The Pixi Shade Quartette in Shades of Nude offers four easy-to-wear, neutral shades that don’t lean too cool or warm. The concept is similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes, in that the lightest shade goes all over the mobile eyelid and up into the crease, the middle shades are used to enhance and define, and the darkest shade is used to smoke out the outer corners for a more dramatic look.


The shades aren’t named, so I’m going to call them Cream, Copper, Golden Bronze and Mink. Cream and Copper have a satin texture with the slightest hint of iridescence, and Golden Bronze and Mink are shimmers. They are all incredibly pigmented, buttery, and there’s no patchiness or dragging when you apply them – no dud shades to be found here!

They’re perfect for travel as the light, rubberised packaging means it won’t smash or collapse in your makeup bag, and for an everyday look these are a no-brainer; it would be difficult to mess a look up using these four shades.

At £16 for four generous-sized shadows, Pixi are offering amazing value for money. Four shadows from MAC, Bobbi Brown or NARS would set you back upwards of £50, and these shadows are a lot creamier and easier to blend than some shadows I’ve tried from these three brands.

You can buy the Pixi Shade Quartette in Shades of Nude here.

I think it’s fair to say I adore these shadows, and I’ve got my eye on the ‘Shades of Nude’ palette next. Have you tried these shadows? What other products do you love using from Pixi? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Monday!

Jess, X