How To: Enhance Brown Eyes

17 February, 2015 How To: Enhance Brown Eyes

Sometimes us brown-eyed gals can feel lumbered with the most average or ‘normal’ eye colour, and there was a period during my teenage years when blue contact lenses were de rigueur for those cursed with hazel peepers. Luckily I’ve since accepted the eye colour I was born with, but find it’s often tricky to find products that will make them sparkle and catch the light, in comparison to a lovely pair of greys or greens. Below are a few products I reach for when I want my eyes to be the centre of attention, as well as a pretty handy trick for making them look brighter, bigger and clearer.


MAC Satin Taupe – a MAC cult classic, this Frost shadow is a beautiful deep taupe-brown with a silvery finish that looks gorgeous applied all over the lid with a fluffy blending brush. It doesn’t need any other colours to complement it because of the duo-chrome effect, and depending on the angle you look at this from, it can either appear as a warm mink, or a cool sheer purple. The purple undertones create a lovely contrast with my brown eyes and this is an absolute staple for a neutral smoky look. £13 here.

Stila Lionfish Smudge Stick – Whilst I can’t explain the bizarre name of this eyeliner pencil, I can tell you that this rich brown with gold flecks running through it is absolutely gorgeous on brown eyes. Paired with lashings of mascara, this combination is a refreshing alternative to a black feline flick, and adds depth with the help of gold and copper shimmer. This lasts all day on me with the help of a primer and is a great choice for work or a corporate environment, as the shimmer isn’t too noticeable or garish. £13 here.

Charlotte Tilbury Dark Pearl Colour Chameleon – Dark Pearl is the most purple-toned product in this list, and it’s a gorgeous pencil shadow that can be blended out with fingers for a sheer wash of colour, or applied from the pencil and packed on to create a statement look that amps up the glamour and highlights the gold and copper tones in brown eyes. It has an intense shimmer that lends itself to evening looks, although you could get away with it during the day. Charlotte Tilbury do a whole range of eyeshadow pencils for different eye colours, and the Bronzed Garnet shade is an amazing russet-copper for green eyes. £19 here.

By Terry Bronze Moon Ombre Blackstar – this is a more typical bronze-brown shadow stick, but the champagne flecks in this make brown eyes look super bright and clear. There are so many ways to wear this product – blended all over the mobile eyelid and up into the crease, packed on with a setting spray for an ultra reflective look, or worn as a liner for a natural hint of colour. Bronze Moon is just one of many pretty shades in the Ombre Blackstar range, and Blond Opal is a creamy peach I’ve had my eye on for a while that I can imagine looks great on a whole host of eye colours. £28 here.

Makeup Revolution Nude Inner Eye Brightener – my favourite trick for enhancing brown eyes has to be using a nude eyeliner on the waterline. Adding more visual space to the eye area creates a beautiful doe-eyed look and removes any redness that can make eyes look smaller and squintier. It’s also a great trick to use if you’re super tired or have a hangover! Adding a little to the inner corners creates a brighter, fresher look and makes eyes look further apart, which is always a plus for me! £2.50 here.

Which products do you use to enhance your eye colour? Have you tried any of the shades I’ve recommended? Let me know in the comments below!

Jess, X