Merry Christmas Beauties!

25 December, 2014 Merry Christmas Beauties!

Hello all – I thought it would be uncouth to spend Christmas Day indulging in turkey, mince pies and one too many Bucks Fizz cocktails without wishing everyone a wonderful day and an even better year ahead.

Although I’m of the Jewish faith, Christmas and the festive season is probably my favourite time of year and it’s the perfect opportunity to think about all the things we should be thankful for.

I hope your day is filled with happiness, fun and laughter, and most importantly a cheeky beauty gift or two.

I’ll be spending the day at my Grandma’s, wearing my new red lipstick from Sleek (blog post to come and courtesy of Polly from Polly’s Pocket Book, thank you lovely!) and generally vegging out with Miranda, Downton Abbey and the Gavin and Stacey box set.

How are you spending Christmas? If you’re not too busy (or full), let me know what you’re up to today, or tweet me @MakingItUpBlog!

Jess, X