A Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Dupe

27 November, 2014 A Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Dupe

Last week, the feedback I received from my ‘What Would You Like To See‘ blog post suggested that everyone wants a bit more dupe swatching going on. I was having a brainstorm about the products I own that have a more affordable or drugstore alternative, and then I remembered two of my favourite nude lipsticks, and how similar they are, both in colour and consistency.

Charlotte Tilbury is probably at the top of the luxury, high-end beauty spectrum when it comes to makeup and skincare, and her lipsticks are no exception. The formulas are buttery soft, the colour sheer but buildable, and the range of colours is seriously impressive. Charlotte has curated 10 lipsticks to match 10 different unique beauty looks, and the one that drew my eye was Nude Kate, her ultimate rock-chick nude.

Nude Kate is a beautiful nude with flecks of gold, brown and pale pink blended in. It doesn’t look beige on the lips, rather it plumps them up and makes them look effortless and polished at the same time. It looks seriously striking paired with a dark, dramatic eye, and it also works well on it’s own with a little mascara and rosy blush.

The one downside to Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, and her products in general, is the price. I own a lot of her products (read my brand focus here), but it feels almost painful every time I part with my debit card to pay for another blusher or eyeshadow palette. The lipstick that is almost an exact dupe for Charlotte’s luxurious rose-gold tube and creamy colour is Maybelline’s Colour Sensational Lipstick in Tantalizing Taupe, and it’s less than a third of the price.

Charlotte Tilbury Swatches

Nude Kate on the left, Tantalizing Taupe on the right

Tantalizing Taupe is a creamy nude with just enough pink and mauve tones to leave it looking healthy and pretty on the lips, whilst retaining an opaque creaminess that makes it so comfortable and easy to wear. On me this pulls slightly lighter than Nude Kate, but it doesn’t seem to wash me out. I love both of these lipsticks and wear them equally, but in terms of price, it has to be said that Tantalizing Taupe seriously delivers. If you’re looking for a great nude to wear all day, or to add to a dramatic evening look, then pick this brilliant dupe up and let me know how you get on with it!

You can buy Nude Kate here for £23, and Tantalizing Taupe here for £6.99.

What do you think of these lipsticks? Have you tried either of them before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below with any questions, recommendations or suggestions you have for me!