A Disappointing Purchase: Revlon Matte Balms

28 October, 2014 A Disappointing Purchase: Revlon Matte Balms

Beauty blogging is often all about jumping on the bandwagon and finally trying the products your friends and fellow writers have been obsessing about. I am most often happy with products I’ve bought through some convincing recommendations, but occasionally there will be something that leaves me bemused, and in this case, it’s a couple of lip balms from Revlon.

Most of the time, I think Revlon are winning at this whole affordable but high quality lipstick malarkey. Their colours are always spot on, the formulas creamy and hydrating, and the packaging cute and minimal. They released their ColorBurst Matte Balms to widespread acclaim, and I ended up buying three, as multiple reviews lauded them as handbag essentials for mid-day top-ups.

Revlon Matte Balms Swatches

How wrong they were. This is essentially like drawing onto your lips with Crayola. The formula, far from being comforting and balmy, felt waxy and stiff post-application. They transferred as patchy and incredibly sheer, but not in the way that looks natural and stain-like; more as an unfortunate accident with some colouring pencils. If you are remotely dry-lipped it will immediately show, and any gloss applied on top will exacerbate the issue. The colours are nothing special, with a deep pink (Elusive) that looked awkwardly electro on my fair-medium skin tone, an awful beige (Complex) that does nothing for the colour of your teeth, and a mid-tone red (Striking) which basically disappeared after a gin and tonic.

Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t like these Matte Balms. I do however love the ColorBurst Balm Stain in Honey, which is a gorgeous, subtle pink-mauve, and I’d definitely recommend it as a brilliant everyday product to keep in your handbag.

You can buy the Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balms here for £7.99, and the Balm Stains here, also for £7.99.

What do you think of these lip products? Leave your comments, suggestions and questions below!

Jess, X