What’s New: MAC Warm Neutrals Palette

21 October, 2014 What’s New: MAC Warm Neutrals Palette

This month I received my first paycheque from work, and to celebrate I’ve basically gone out and indulged – a lot. My beauty wishlist is looking significantly smaller because of a couple of products I’m reviewing on my blog this week, and one that I’d had my eye on for AGES was the gorgeous Warm Neutrals palette from MAC.

This palette featuring a mixture of shimmers, mattes and sheens that suit both an understated, casual look, and a full blown smoky eye. I love MAC shadows and I think the quality and colour range is second to none, and what I’m so pleased about with this palette is the huge range of wearable, everyday colours, mixed in with more unusual shades such as a shimmery olive green and a deep red-brown. I picked this up during Fenwick’s recent 20% off deal that’s just ended, which meant I bought this for just over £55, as opposed to the regular £65. Below I’ve swatched each shade so you can see how they appear on my skin.

MAC Shadows

First Row: Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance in the Dark. Second Row: Brule, Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Saddle. Third Row: Lemon Tart, Butterfudge, Creative Copper, Unwind, Divine Decadence

MAC Swatch 1

Left to Right: Lemon Tart, Brulee, Hey

These three shades are your basic neutrals, that would work nicely as a brow bone highlight or to add some brightness to the inner corner of your eye. Brulee is my favourite matte shade from MAC, and works to neutralise redness and create a nice, uniform base for any shadow you apply on top.

MAC Swatch 2

Left to Right: Butterfudge, Vanilla Extract, Warm Breeze

These three shadows are perfect as bases or to add dimension in the crease. Butterfudge had been on my wishlist for ages as it’s a gorgeous golden brown, and if you wanted to keep it simple you could apply it all over the lid. Vanilla Extract and Warm Breeze would look lovely in the crease paired with Brulee if you have fair skin, and in particular Vanilla Extract would work perfectly in a pinch as a cheekbone highlight due to the slightly pinky/champagne tone you can see in the swatch.

Mac Swatch 3

Left to Right: Creative Copper, Honey Lust, Gingersnap

These shades are probably my favourites in terms of adding some warmth to a smoky eye. These would look beautiful paired with black winged eyeliner and you could probably create a gorgeous golden look with Honey Lust as your base shade, Creative Copper in the crease, and Gingersnap applied in the outer corner to add some smoke.

MAC Swatch 4

Left to Right: Unwind, Amber Lights, Dark Brew

Amber Lights is an absolute MAC classic, and is similar to Butterfudge but with a touch more orange to it. These three shadows are all gorgeous for more dramatic looks and Dark Brew has a lovely red tone to it that would look really striking if you have green eyes.

MAC Swatch 5

Left to Right: Divine Decadence, Saddle, Dance in the Dark

Sable is a brilliant matte brown that works really well as a crease/transition shade, and I’d been looking for a basic mid-tone brown for ages. I love the olive green tones in Divine Decadence, and will definitely be using it mixed with Unwind or Creative Copper for a more adventurous eye look. Dance in the Dark is my least favourite as the colour payoff isn’t brilliant, but if you added some MAC Fix+ or some sort of water spray to the shadow, it could probably work quite well as an eyeliner.

I’m so pleased with this palette and despite the fairly expensive price tag, it works out to around £4.40 an eyeshadow, and that doesn’t include the 20% discount I received. If you’re in the market for great quality shadows then I’d definitely recommend the MAC Warm Neutrals palette, and think it would be so useful for bridal makeup looks as well because of the huge range of soft and wearable colours on offer.

You can buy it here for £65.

Please let me know your thoughts on this palette, if you’ve bought it, or if you have any recommendations for me!

Jess, X