What’s New: Soap and Glory Endless Glove

26 September, 2014 What’s New: Soap and Glory Endless Glove

Today’s post is slightly related to Face Mask Friday posts in that it’s about a mask, and it’s being posted on a Friday. The only difference is that this review is on a hand mask – edgy and controversial, I know. Living on the edge is what it’s all about.

The mask is from Soap & Glory, and it’s called Endless Glove. I love the way Soap & Glory put a kitschy spin on pop culture references, and this mask makes me beam whenever I see it.

You can use this as a regular hand cream, or apply it at night for an intensive boost of hydration and relief from dry, chapped hands. It contains macadamia oil, grapeseed oil, pomegranate and shea butter, and smells like a gorgeous baked fruity dessert. I love using this before bed but anytime your hands feel rough is the perfect time to apply it too.

On the bottle it says it works for 12 hours after you apply it, and I definitely notice my hands feeling soft and smooth after a full day wearing it. It can get a little greasy if you apply too much, so use sparingly.

Endless Glove is now another firm favourite from Soap & Glory and for £6.50 for 125ml (buy here), it’s excellent value. They also do a dinky 50ml size for £3 for travelling/keeping in your handbag etc.

I’d love to hear your Soap & Glory recommendations and your thoughts on this product!

Have a fabulous weekend! Jess, X