Neutral Nails

25 September, 2014 Neutral Nails

I don’t often mention nails on my blog, just because I’ve never mastered painting them and always have an acrylic infill once a fortnight, but I do love buying polish. As a person who can never quite figure out whether it’s appropriate to have burgundy nails in July or bright blue nails at Christmas, I like to have a rotation of colours at home for the times when I just don’t know what I fancy, but want my nails to look simple, pretty and paired down.

Essie Colour Wheel 1

Essie Colour Wheel 2

Right to left: Ladylike, Au Natural, Chinchilly and Truth or Flare

Pastel and nude shades are really low maintenance and if I ever chip mine it’s easy to fix a corner here and there. Essie do some amazing nude and earth-toned polishes, and I’ve picked my favourite four in case you’re in a nail-inspiration rut. I hope you appreciate the irony that at the time of blogging this post I had bright red nail polish on – I promise I do wear these colours all the time!

First is Ladylike, a gorgeous mauvy-nude. This would look fab on dark skin tones, works for both hands and feet, and it lasts for AGES on me. It’s probably the colour I wear most often and when I take pictures for my blog I’m always wearing this.

Another lovely neutral colour is Au Natural, a sheer beige with hints of cool-toned pink. This is the colour I choose when I’m really tanned and don’t want a colour with substance, rather something that will make my nails look pretty and natural.

A great neutral that still packs a colour punch is Chinchilly. I’ve been wearing this for years and always come back to it. It looks great on hands and feet and is the perfect ‘greige’ – not too dark, but not too wishy-washy either. It can chip slightly but it’s nothing an extra layer of top coat can’t fix.

Last is the most traditionally summery colour of the bunch and the newest addition to my collection, Truth or Flare. I received this in a Latest in Beauty box and was obsessed with it straight away. It’s a pretty baby blue, but on the nail it translates as more of a denim shade – it adds a lovely pop of colour and is so wearable.

You can buy all of these colours from the Boots online store here for £7.99 currently – usually £9.99.

I’d love to hear of your favourite Essie colours, as well as your thoughts on the colours I chose!

Jess, X