What’s New: First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

16 September, 2014 What’s New: First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

Maree from A Little Bit Etc always posts amazing skincare recommendations, and a few months ago she raved about the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads – so naturally, I went and bought them. You can view her post here. These little wonder pads are loaded with hardworking ingredients such as glycerin, cucumber and liquorice root, as well as glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid. Glycolic acid is a natural exfoliant and part of the AHA family (the chemical not the Scandi pop band) that works to remove dead skin cells and strengthen the skin’s elasticity and suppleness.

I use one pad all over my face after cleansing in the morning and evening, and then use a hydrating water spray or mist (Liz Earle, Mario Badescu, La Roche Posay, The Body Shop and Caudalie all do brilliant ones) to calm and soothe my skin. You could just splash your face with cold water, but I like to indulge whenever possible.

One major difference in the appearance of my skin since I’ve been using these pads is a reduction in fine lines. I’m 22 and definitely not experiencing any premature ageing, but when I’m dehydrated or have been drinking too much coffee, I can get a couple of teeny lines around my forehead – basically a sign that my skin needs a strong dose of H20. These pads work to rehydrate and plump up my skin, and the lines disappear within an hour or two of using them.

I love the idea of a product that works to penetrate through dead skin using acids to reveal a healthier complexion, rather than just working on the surface layer of the skin like some gritty, physical scrubs and creams do. My skin never feels dry after using the pads and I see them as more of a gentle treatment than an abrasive exfoliator, just because they do so much so efficiently.

The pads can be used daily and are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. I haven’t tried anything else from First Aid Beauty, but they are often marketed as a ‘posh’ brand for sensitive skin and all their products are thoroughly tested and fragrance free.

At £20.50 for a pack of 60 these pads aren’t cheap, but to me they’re worth every penny. Feel Unique had a sale recently and they were £16, so maybe keep an eye out for price reductions. You can view/buy them here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these, and if you have any cheaper alternatives!

Jess, X