What’s New: Benefit Majorette Blush

30 August, 2014 What’s New: Benefit Majorette Blush

I’m trying to find products at the moment that I don’t currently own in my collection. Although I own a couple of cream blushes, I haven’t found one I like to use both on my cheeks and lips. Recently I stumbled across Benefit’s Majorette Blush, a product that ticks both of those boxes and is getting a solid thumbs up from me!


It’s a cream-to-powder product that acts as a base for your blush, or can be used on its own as a sheer pop of colour. The colour is a gorgeous coral-peach and looks so pretty on the cheeks. The formula feels quite silky and it blends well; I apply it with my fingers to create a natural, flushed effect that doesn’t look too polished or made up. I’ve also been wearing it to add a wash of colour to my lips, and as the formula is matte, it avoids the sheeny/shimmery look often found in this type of product.

Majorette Swatch

Although it’s advertised as a boost for your blusher, bronzer or highlighter, I’m enjoying this as a subtle hint of colour for days when I want to wear as little makeup as possible. I think this would suit all skin tones, as on fair girls it perks up and brightens the skin, and on darker and olive tones it enhances and deepens a natural tan.

It’s expensive at £23.50 but you get a fairly generous amount in the pot (7g), so if used sparingly I guess it could be justified. If you enjoy natural makeup without the hassle of multiple cheek and lip products, then you’ll definitely love it. This would also make a lovely gift as the packaging is so dinky and sweet!

Look Fantastic is selling Majorette here, and Boots are selling it online here as well as in-store.

Let me know your thoughts on Majorette, and if you would be willing to spend over £20 for a blusher! I’d also love to hear any cheaper alternatives for this type of product. As always, you can email me on jessicametliss@gmail.com for any questions or requests for future posts.

Jess, X