My MAC Lipstick Collection

25 August, 2014 My MAC Lipstick Collection

Recent posts on Making It Up have been fairly skincare focused, so I thought it was time to go back to my first love, and the reason I’m so obsessed with makeup: MAC lipsticks. Being in the vicinity of a MAC counter is the equivalent of a sweet shop for me; the colour and texture choices are endless and I love trying out new colours, as well as the cult favourites that have made the brand so popular. I currently own twelve, and depending on your own makeup purchasing habits this will either be ridiculously huge, or a fairly modest size. I’ve included swatches on my hand; I tried taking the swatches on my lips, but after 5 or 6 I was close to tears – applying and removing lipstick is a biatch!


Hue (Glaze Formula): I’ve nearly finished this one – I’ve had it since I was about 17 and loved it when I went through the whole ‘concealer lips’ phase. I wear this on top of other lip colours (normally my Charlotte Tilbury Nude Kate lipstick), as the Glaze formula is so sheer, but it’s a lovely light pink-beige that looks great on tanned skin.


Peach Blossom (Cremesheen Formula): I bought this is in May, and it broke about a month later – I’ve been applying it with a lip brush and actually prefer the way this looks on my lips, as from the bullet it can look a little too sticky and glossy. This is a lovely coral nude with flecks of gold shimmer, and is great for both natural and dramatic looks.


Modesty (Cremesheen Formula): My favourite wearable, every day pink-mauve with a creamy finish. Long lasting colour and incredibly moisturising. Of all my MAC lip colours, this is the one I go for when I’m not sure which lipstick to wear. I reviewed this in my Top Six Nude Lip Products post (view here) if you want a more in-depth review.


Brave (Satin Formula): A semi-matte pinky mauve, this is a tiny bit brighter than Modesty. Because of the Satin formula it lasts all day, and is my go-to interview/office/work environment lipstick.


Viva Glam II (Satin Formula): This is the lip colour I find the hardest to work with. A few of my friends own this and it ends up looking different on all of us; on me I tend to look a little washed out and ‘blah’. If I wear this I’ll use a brighter lipgloss on top, like the NYX Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie (blog post here).


Lady Danger (Matte Formula): Moving onto the deeper shades, this is an orange-toned red that is a more wearable version of a classic scarlet. If you find you don’t suit the blue-reds from MAC, then this is a great alternative. It feels comfortable on the lips despite the matte formula, and I love this on holiday with paired-down eye makeup and lots of bronzer.


Ruby Woo (Matte Formula): My favourite red lipstick! I wrote a blog post on how best to apply and wear this lip colour (view here), and I’ll always reach for it when I know I want my lip colour to be the focus of a makeup look. Cherry lipliner is the perfect match for this gorgeous red.


Viva Glam I (Matte Formula): The first Viva Glam lipstick from MAC, this is a deep red shade that always looks sophisticated and polished. I tend to avoid red shades that are glossy as it can look quite OTT, and this lipstick strikes the right balance between being comfortable to wear without the sheen of creamier formula.


Capricious (Lustre Formula): I bought this when I was looking for a shade I didn’t already own in my collection – it’s a light berry colour that feels moisturising on the lips whilst still packing a pigmented punch. I usually wear this as an everyday autumn/winter shade, and wear it with the Laura Mercier lipliner in Plumberry – it makes teeth look ridiculously white too!


Rebel (Satin Formula): Last year I really got into wearing deep purple shades, and this is an amazing colour when you want your makeup to stand out. A vibrant, modern colour, Rebel looks gorgeous with both heavy and natural eye makeup looks.


Dark Side (Amplified Formula): This was a Halloween-inspired purchase; I wanted something deep without looking black (like MAC’s Cyber), but this didn’t work too well on me. It’s a nice combination of purple and brown tones, but because the formula is so intense and needs to be reapplied frequently, I usually neglect this in favour of other colours in my collection.


Spice It Up! (Lustre Formula): I was surprised I liked this one – I received it as a gift, and was initially skeptical about how intense it would be, but the Lustre formula means it’s subtle on the lips, giving a pretty wash of colour. Like Capricious, Spice It Up! is a great autumn/winter shade, and would be a good nude for dark skin tones.

You can find the entire MAC lipstick range here – let me know in the comments of the lipsticks you love, as well as any other lipsticks you would recommend!

Jess, X