Why I’m Starting A Blog

28 July, 2014 Why I’m Starting A Blog

For a while now, friends and family have been saying how I should start writing about my passion – beauty. I have a lot of interests, which mostly revolve around reading and eating, but I think that my obsession with makeup and skincare – inexpensive and high end – has been the one love I come back to time after time. I upload pictures frequently to Instagram (mostly of things I’ve cooked or my most recent trip to Boots) but I think it’s time there was a permanent online home for my constant ramblings about the importance of primer, how no-one should live without eyelash curlers, etc. etc.

Let me begin by saying I have absolutely ZERO experience in any professional capacity with makeup. I have never taken a course in makeup application, I don’t like having my makeup done by other people and I have no interest in becoming a makeup artist. (My ambitions lean more towards becoming a librarian/archivist/professional reader of books, but that’s for another post). My slightly amateurish approach is the reason behind the name of this blog – which was coined by the lovely Lucy, many thanks once again!

Here’s what I want this blog to be: I’m not one for tutorials or step-by-step guides, and when I watch YouTube videos I tend to skip past the ones that show you how to create the ‘perfect smoky eye’ or the ‘go to bold lip’. I prefer to read blogs and watch videos that rave about new products, slate disappointing ones, and show the world that £3 lipstick that will absolutely 100% change your life – it does exist, I promise! Posts will follow along those lines, either showing a collection of products that target a specific issue, or a spotlight post on one product I’m loving or loathing. I’m honest, opinionated and will hopefully give whoever reads these posts (probably a few friends and my dad) some practical advice for choosing beauty products.

So if you’ve come here to procrastinate or just enjoy my waffling about my MUJI drawers (I will be talking about those in great detail) then welcome. I’m sure you’re lovely, please be nice and leave comments!

Jess, X